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My addiction

Hi I hope some one can help me I’m addict need some help and support please x

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Cocaine I’m at my witts end nearly lost everything what can I do can’t and don’t want to live like this anymore c

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Hi Dawne, what are you doing at the moment to stop using? Have you any family and friends to support you or are you doing this on your own?

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In my own I’m broken mentally and physically just reliving the same day every day I’m tired of letting this drug destroy me my family don’t understand addiction so they have shut me out nothing new had it all my life I’m bearly just holding on to my little girl she’s 8 what can I do c

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I know how you feel. Dont beat yourself up. You can do this.

1st off im a coke addict.. my addiction is once every couple of week. But new year i hit rock bottom. I quit for 2 month then lapsed. I quit another 6 week then lapsed this week. But im back on being clean. It gets easier. Ill tell you how i do it. And even tho i lapse. Im not relapsing were im on it each week. Its just blips im having and its about knowing when your lapse is happening.

Can i just ask.. you how much you use? How often? Are you living on your own? Do you work?.

This is going to be long because i really want to help you. I know what you feel like.

1st of delete every coke dealer , friend family member, work colleague to do with coke out your phone right now and block them!

2nd. Delete every social media app now. You dont need them and they make you worse seeing peoples fake happy lifes and dealers on there.

3rd. Dont drink alcohol.. this is a main trigger for coke using. Stay away from pubs, partys, bbqs in summer, anywere were there is alcohol.

4th. Start listening to coke annonymous tapes on you tube.. rusell.brand has a few and its good listening to other people who struggle like us.

5th. Chang your whole routine upside down, go the gym, go for adventurous walks, take up new hobbies, set yourself some goals.. i took up reading, which helped.

6th. I cant recomend this lady enough on you tube shes called louise clarke her videos on crack-cocaine part123.. watch them in order.. she is an expert, she will make you aware of coke and how to beat. I can not recomend her enough! She even recommends these chinese herb tabs that beat cravings.

7th. There is an app called pocket rehab. I cannot recomend this enough as well. Download it! Its were addicts and ex help each other out with there problems. And if you think you are going to use. You press an emergency button and it puts you through to an addict to talk to.. who supports you.

Try and order some books on addiction, meditation. Stay focused. If you get cravings tell them to go away. Tell your self the drug is a violent ex.. who beat you and he wants you back! Do you want to go back there?? Keep saying no to yourself and the cravings will go after 30 mins.

If you need any help or your struggling and need someone to talk to. My num is [ number removed] or email

[email removed]

You dont have to if you dont want to. I could be some crazy randomer. But ive got a partner , 4 kids, a good job. And i need to help people as much as i need help. If not message me on here, ill get some links for you for some prevention sites. Good luck, and you can do this.

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I cannot fully understand addiction myself. My husband is a user of the dreaded stuff. You are not alone on here.

Dan was on earlier on asking what you are addicted to and he can advise what he is doing to get off the stuff.

What's your trigger Alcohol?

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I just seen this about your little girl.. its easier said than done people saying do this for your girl.. but its a disease. But the main thing dawn and this is what i have learned.. do this for you! You need stop! You can stop. And when you are better everyone else will slip into place. Its all about you dawn! You really can do this.

Do a plan.. every day you have to do something with her to keep you busy..

Make something, a big dolls house, jigsaw.. anything.. keep your self busy.

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Thanks Danman. Thought you were asleep.

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No hox lol ive just got to work :(

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