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Husband in rehab for alcohol

Hi I’m new hear and feel as if I am losing my mind ... I have had a really bad year due to my husbands alcohol addiction we have separated 4 times in the last year due to his drinking and lies ... it gets so bad that when we separate he drinks himself into such a state he gets kept in hospital due to withdrawals and seizures he get detoxed in hospital get discharged and the stay sober for a while while living in his mums then I start to see the person I fell in love with and bring him home .. it’s all good for a few months then the signs come back ( finding empty bottles about the house and the lies start all over again ) and we are back to me like a woman posses screaming and shouting putting him out and we are back in the vicious circle again of binges, hospital again .. we have been together 26 yrs and have 2 kids .. he is a great guy when not drinking he HAD a good job was a good provider until his last binge 7 weeks ago ... now I am in a financial mess trying to keep everything going and he is in rehab but why I’m posting is while he is in there fighting his own demons I’m out here angry full of resentment and disappointed we are here again he has called me and I can’t bear to hear his voice cause of what he has done to me and the kids again .. he is due out next month and talking about how he is going to change and when he come home things will be different but I have heard it all before and I’m so confused and bitter I can’t think clearly I don’t know what to do .. do I let him come home I don’t trust him or believe anything he says because I have heard it all before and we end up back here again but he will be homeless if he doesn’t come home and it could send him back to drink but his attitude is making me so bad cause he thinks cause he is in rehab he deserves a pat on the back and everything has to be forgotten but I can’t forget what he had done to us and our marriage ... I keep telling myself do I fling 26 yrs away for the sake of 1 bad year ... I just want someone to tell me that a marriage can be saved after rehab but while I’m so angry hurt and resentful I can’t see how it could work ...

sorry for the long post my head is all over the place

replying to Nikkell015

I understand a lot of what you are feeling. You are not alone, which i am finding comfort in. My husband ( and we’ve only been married 8 months ) is also a wonderful guy when sober but when drunk he’s nasty , aggressive and forgets what he has said and wonders why I’ve been crying. I can’t answer whether you should leave him as I am currently at that point myself and don’t know the answer either , but please know you aren’t the only person going through this and it’s not your fault

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