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Codeine withdrawal

Hey, I’m 2 days in cold turkey off codine I was on around 4 -6 zapain a day so 120mg -180 + all that parecetomal in them. I just wondering if you could help me with what the side affects are, I feel so sick and headache and moody and have aches so bad is this normal? I just am at a point where I can’t carry on taking them and as the weeks where passing I was beginning to need more and more, Ive scared myself so much that I have caused damage to my body and I just can’t carry on like this I’m a anxious mess, reading all your story’s have really inspired me to carry on i just really need some support and today the struggle is real ????

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Don’t worry...what you are experiencing is normal. These are the side effects of the withdrawal. You are a day or 2 away from being over the worst. I’m just finishing day 3. I’m taking 5HTP, Vitamin B, CBD tablets to help me through it as well as some neurofen. These all help. The human body is an amazing piece of equipment and is well renowned for healing itself. The Liver is especially good at regeneration so don’t worry. Just focus I’m getting off these awful pills. The highs only last a short time anyway. They want to kill us so fight it. Stay strong!!!

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Thank you so much it helps knowing that other people are going through this? I just can’t cope with this sick feeling is this normal? When will it go, I just finished a 14 hour shift and I hardly spoke to anyone all day! I feel so shit. ????

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Generally after a week you should start to feel good again. You will be proud of yourself. Just keep telling yourself that what you are experiencing is temporary. You are almost there. You are day 3 now.

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Hi guys, I was addicted to codeine just like you I’m now roughly 7 weeks clean I stopped counting a while ago. I was taking it on and off for 10 years and then the last 2 years I was taking about 420mg a day of N+ so the ibuprofen was likely killing me slowly but now I’ve stopped my body is healing well and I’ve gained a considerable amount of weight which is great for me !

The first week is worst for physical withdrawals just try get plenty of light excercise as it takes your mind off it and tires you out, try eat plenty of fruit and avoid processed foods as your body needs a good amount of energy to digest it, keep hydrated and rest as much as possible you have to remember your body is poorly and needs rest to recover. After week 1 the physical symptoms have all but gone but the next 3 weeks for me personally were a battle I had some light depression and insomnia but it DOES get better you just have to remember it’s temporary. Now on around week 7 myself I feel 95% my normal self and it’s great and totally worth it !

Stick with it guys and good luck !

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I had a view cravings today but I managed to get through it. They only lasted a couple of minutes. I started listening to some tunes that I used to listen to before i was an addict. It helped a lot. Starting to feel a lot better at the end of day 4. I drove past a couple of pharmacies and could t believe that I used to look at them and think I haven’t been there yet I can grab some solphadine + im there and then hit the pharmacy across the street. What we are going through now is a small price to pay to allow us to rid ourselves of this need to take painkillers which ultimately are trying to kill us. I hope you are doing ok hayloz

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