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Please help me

im scared about writiing this im not in a good place im 22 and suffer from Bulimia nervosa i am just starting treatment this week. im scared to admit but due to pain in my ribs i started taking 30/500g Co=codamol from my doctor i have recently had it changed to codine as i did not like taking paracetamol i was scared of overdosing when i was taking 4 at a time as it felt nice it relaxed me and made me not want to be sick is that wrong? im sorry i dont know what to say im not taking paracetamol anymore just 4 codine every 4 hours what will that to me will it kill me? may be stupid im just young scared and depressed please can someone tell me if it will hurt me

replying to kirby

I'm not an expert but firstly be assured you are not alone. You can always come online and find someone who will help, even if it's only just listen.

You've taken the first step by getting help. Maybe taking 4 tablets at a time (any tablet) isn't so good, but you've acknowledged that this may be an issue for you. Don't be afraid to go back to your doctor. You know and have said you are taking them more for the relaxing feeling they give you and not for pain relief, so maybe ask your doctor for a mild sedative and reduce your pain killers to the recommended dose. Have a think about it. Also, PLEASE conside meditation. There are some great apps for phones and meditation is a BRILLIANT way to clear the mind and help you start to relax naturally. It teaches you that you are the important person in your own world and you have to look after yourself. Love yourself, be good to yourself and you will start to recover. I send you love and healing thoughts x

replying to kirby

Thankyou so much for replying to me it means alot, I know its selfish in a way there are more people out there with greater addictions its hard to wrap my head around it my self its a choice between being sick or feeling relaxed its hard one to make, i will have alook into meditation anything is worth trying thankyou i hope you enjoy your week x

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