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Drink drives & argumentative


My partner of 8 years drink drives. He used to drink a bit when we met and he very occasionally drove when he’d had maybe 1 too many.

However for the last year or so he has been going to the pub every day after work. By the time he gets home he’s hammered, and yes he’s driven. I hate it because he’s on a totally different wavelength to me and slurring.

He also gets argumentative then wants sex. I obviously don’t want a drunk slobbering all over me but sometimes I just give in as I can’t cope with the arguments.

When he’s sober he’s lovely...

I have 2 issues here, most importantly the drink driving and then the fact that when he’s drunk he’s not good company.

I’m scared to be on my own with my 2 children and when he’s sober we’ve got a great relationship...

I don’t know what to do......

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I understand where you are coming from I have similar issues with my husband. He also doesn’t see the harm in driving once having a drink, I’ve taken the car keys from him and threatened to phone the police and he gives me a lot of verbal aggressive behaviour Back. I don’t know what the best thing for you is , but know you’re not alone in this situation. There are lots of others having the same problem.

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My 'husband' used to do the same thing.

When out with me he would have a couple of drinks and drive us home safely. When out with his mates he would drive home blathered and coked up. It was very worrying at the time and he would say he felt fine. He got away with it though, the police never caught him even though the places he frequented where heavily policed.

replying to Sadandlonely

You cannot control them drink driving and if you try to it ends in a confrontation. He might hurt someone or himself, lose his licence and his job but we cannot control this. Remember he makes a choice to be irresponsible. You are the responsible one. Make plans to make sure you and your children are not in the car with him when he acts this way, saying that it makes me cross that we have a pre-empt any decision they make as it is controlling our lives and the children x

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