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Hello everyone I'm new to this forum and was looking to find some people to talk to about my situation who are going through the same thing as well to maybe get some help or advice about well anything really.. I've been addicted to coke for nearly a year now had been doing it before that but only on weekends or nights out then it obviously spiraled out of control.. just wanted to see if there was anyone here I could just have a chat with really. Thanks

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Hi, I'm new here too, I've been addicted to coke for years at my worst was doing it everyday at work, home, everywhere by myself, it's cost me everything and yet I still have a few packets a week but better than a few a day, I've been taking all kinds of drugs from about 13yrs old before I started puberty ???? but getting on top of it ???? hopefully we can all help each other

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I have the same problem as you guys. But i seem to have it under control a lot better than before. I seem to lapse once a month now. The other month it was 2 month without.

What are you doing to stop? Do you know about dopamine? Do you feel down and suicidal from it all?

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Hi guys. I discovered that my fiance was using cocaine for two years. Then he said he was stoping and that it was not addictive and that he was not doing it that often...... is that true? How does using cocaine is? I have no idea I alwasy believed him but now idk. Please tell me about your experience. I dont know how to deal with this.

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Cocaine is addictive as hell.. it causes me to be depressed and a lot worse when its wearing off.. is he still on it? Does he want to stop?

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He said he was not doing it anymore... we separated but every time we talk he insults me, he have this idea that I cheated on him, he took moments of our life and crooked them into a story of me cheating, Like, we went clubbing one time long ago, now from that time he says I followed his friend to the washroom, and that he even saw my face and he felt the energy of me being 'shady' .

Does this kind of very dark thoughs are normal on cocaine users??

He came one time at night with a flashlight looking at every inch of wall saying somebody had been there and that I had been cheating every time he was at work for three years. Idk if this is the drug, of if he may have something else in the head because its delusional and even when I know he is not on drugs, he still says and believes the same...pff.

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Cocaine can make u do.crazy things.. it makes u so aggertated and paranoid.. there is no fun in it after a while.

He really needs to do his best to stop.. does he want to?

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Well I left to a different city but have been reading a lot about the addiction and feel deep In myself that I need to help. When I talk to him he says he is not addicted but he was doing it for two years when I found out, thats almost a year ago. He also drinks a lot... and was smoking a lot of weed when I met him, he said he was stoping weed but then I notice the drinking being very usual, like every day at least one drink and the coke.... I feel.stupid I never noticed anything and so now I really dont know if to believe or not that he has stopped. He warned me not to talk to his parents, and so I left... but my soul its wrecked between leaving him because of all the insults he has said to me... or that I should have seen it as a disease and blame it on the drug and be there for him.no matter what. Idk what to do

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I used to tell myself I wasn't addicted and I could stop at any time, but I never did. I think because I was working every hour I could and paying for it or getting it on tick or loans etc and not robbing people for my habit that it was ok and under control but I was just fooling myself, at the end of the day once problems and relationships suffer there is a problem and it sounds like your partner had a case of paranoia at best. In my experience heavy weed use is a prime suspect for that especially if he's been using it from a young age, the coke will not help matters but he needs help no two ways about it, keep your head up you are not to blame ????

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