: Drugs, alcohol and mental health

Discuss the twin challenges of mental health and substance use

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So right about it not being fun after a while, all good when your 18yrs old on a sunny Saturday going raving or whatever, not so much when your 35yrs old getting packets dropped off to work on a rainy Tuesday.

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What advice do you have if any for me to support my partner giving up coke? He was doing a lot, all his wages every week and then a chunk of mine, maybe £600-£800. he’s cut down now and is aiming for once a week. I’m finding it hard as I just want him to stop all together! But he needs to do it his way for himself but he isn’t getting any help and doesn’t want to get any.

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You can't help the lost till they want to be found.. And then we will lie to you and tell you want you want to hear but not the truth... We are owned by the white devil don't believe a word that's said to you... Walk away save you because believe me when I say you will be destroyed by the addiction not your fault not the addicts choice but we destroy things around us because we are so lost in ourselves

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I didn't notice that my 'husband' had a problem with addiction till his personality changed. I thought his so called recreational use of cocaine wasn't an addiction and he certainly didn't. I feel stupid know not realising.

They lie and manipulate telling you they are not sniffing, but the tell tale signs are there. Trouble is you cannot help until they want you to. It's heartbreaking.

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