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Hi I don't know where else to turn , my family and friends have no idea how I feel they havnt walked in mine or my 2 son's shoes, and unfortunately our story didn't end well as 2 weeks ago their father , my ex died. I strongly suspect it was an overdose on liquid morphine won't know for sure till the toxology report comes back , I am heart broken as I tried to get him help and my boys seen him at his worst when he was high and my eldest who is 24 has saved his life once by calling an ambulance for him , it's hard cos we did get a long and he was a big part of my life for many yrs he was just so troubled towards the end , my eldest us showing no emotion , he is feeling angry I suspect he doesn't really want to talk about it and has thrown himself into work and is acting like nothing has happened, my youngest who is 16 is sad but it's not really hit him yet

we have been going through this alone and would just like to communicate with others who may understand the effects of addiction ????

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Bless you, things will get easier. I lost one of my best friends drug related and it's hard, much more so for you I would imagine, I'm here if you need to talk or just blow off steam, keep your head up

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Just so sad, I am in your shoes. I fear my ex could loose his life if he doesn't turn things around soon. The effect of addiction ripples through the whole family from the users parents, kids, friends family etc. Sometimes I am so angry that they have brought this into our lifes, that I have to sit down and tell my 12 year old daughter that she can't see her Dad cause it isn't safe.

Then other times they are so vunerable and you just want to hide them away and protect them.

IT's also such a taboo subject you feel ashamed telling people what you are going through.

Do you have some close friends that can help you ? Maybe getting some family councelling could help.

It sounds like he was lucky to have the support he had, just so sad he couldn't turn things around.

Love to you xx

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Hi Coconut,

I am so sad to read your post and to see what a horrible time you and your boys have been having. I'm so sorry that you are going through this alone and wanted to let you know about The Icarus Trust.

We are a charity that helps people in similar situations to you and your family. We offer help to people dealing with the impact of a family member's addiction.

We have trained people who are experienced in listening, would understand what you are going through, and offer support to help you find a way forward.

You can contact The Icarus Trust on help@icarustrust.org or visit our website www.icarustrust.org

Wishing you and your family all the best.

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Thank you all for replying I didn't realise anyone had replied it's so go to hear from u all

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