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My husband is a heroin addict

I got married in 2017 to my husband he had been clean from heroin for nearly 6 years! A really big achievement, then last year September 2018 I found out he had been using again, when I asked him he first denied it, then admitted it 2 days later! He would get clean for 2 weeks and relapse, he would sit and smoke it in front of me! I left and stayed at my mum's in January this year, and he injected it and overdosed! He carried on using! He has just been clean again for nearly 2 weeks, and gone back to it again as I found out yesterday! And still he tried to lie to me, but I saw the dealers number on his phone! He's currently upstairs taking heroin! It kills me to see the person I love get into the state he is now! I'm angry upset, I feel he doesn't care about my feelings! And I have know idea what to do, all he ever says is I'm sorry I will sort it! It's a broken record I have heard it so many times!

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Hi Stacey

Well I’m in the same situation as you but I’m not married. My partner is a heroin addict and he uses in front of me which I tell him every time not too,

My partner doesn’t work and doesn’t bring any money in and expects me to pay for his habit which I have been doing because I hate seeing him withdrawing and his mood swings, today he is crawling the walls because I’ve no money left to pay for his addiction and I’m not going to pay my hard earned money on that stuff x

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Hi janette,

Sorry to hear you are in the same situation !! It's so horrible to watch, my husband isn't supposed to use in front of me but he keeps trying to! He says he wants to stop!! He also has binges on crack cocaine! If I try and mention his use he gets angry with me and says I'm not supporting him!! He says he's stopping again next week,, but I can't believe that when this has been going on since September!! How long have you been with your partner x

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Mine been going on since November last year x says exactly the same ....

I can’t take much more if I’m honest x

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Similar time frame then! Was he a user before? And I know exactly what you mean! I'm on the brink of leaving every other day!! And the way he has changed over the time is shocking he has no weight on him, he looks so unhealthy!! Do you have a face book account at all? Or anything I could add you, to talk to someone in the same situation can really help sometimes!!! Xx

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Love to talk more Stacey x

I’m sat on a street corner while he scoring and I’m typing this to you x

I’m on Facebook

Janette plant x I got glasses on my Facebook picture x

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Hi to you both,

So sad to read your posts and see how hard it is for you to deal with your partner's addiction.

If you feel that you would like some other support for yourself please contact us at The Icarus Trust. we are a charity that provides support for people coping with a family member's addictive behaviours. We have experienced trained people you could talk with, who would be able to let you know what other help is out there.

You can contact The Icarus Trust on help@icarustrust.org or visit our website www.icarustrust.org

Good luck with everything.

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Same for me. It’s a nightmare. Luckily we don’t live together. We see each other weekends have a great time then he goes home and uses for a few days. Same again and gone on too long. It’s becoming a very boring vicious cycle. Addicts are very very selfish when In active addiction. I give him zero money and refuse to see him if I know he’s using. After two failed rehab attempts I’ve decided to end it for good if he doesn’t commit to recovery. Life’s too short to keep getting dragged into the chaos. I’ve learnt a lot about the disease of addiction but I’ll only be by his side if he commits to recovery. Heroin robs everything from possessions to health and is soul destroying for all involved. They are not to blame for the addiction but they are responsible for their recovery and without recovery heroin will destroy everything in its path without any exceptions. I was happy before I met him and if need be I’ll ensure I’m happy again with or without him. I don’t mean to sound harsh and I’m very supportive when he’s engaging in recovery but I will provide nothing that will help him continue to feed the addiction because it will never ever be satisfied. We can drive ourselves crazy obsessing about them but they’re the only ones that can change it and. Without putting recovery first then everything else is usually lost eventually. Best wishes x

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Awww thanks for your message and I’m exactly in the same boat .... I’ve lived alone before and I’m sure I can do it again .... but I’ve told him if I catch him using again we are definitely over x I keep saying this but he worms his way back into my life x

I need to harden up I know !

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