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New here

Hi, just joined, I am a long term drug abuser, started young around 13yrs old cannabis, lsd, exctacy, amphetamines, opiates, cocaine, pregabalin, etc. Smoked cannabis everyday for years, sniffed, amphetamines and cocaine most days for years, and used to buy 100 exctacy tablets every weekend for years between 5 of us for personal use. The amount of money I have spent on drugs is unbelievable it's hundreds of thousands of pounds and that is just for the cocaine, I've managed to kick all of it except the coke, I'm still getting a little bit each week but that's better than a lot each day so going to keep trying and maybe this place might help

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Hi Andyk81, I hope you’re doing well on your journey?... please keep us updated if you can! Sending love and energy your way xx

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Do you still want to quit coke mate? Ive lapsed a couple times this year from it. But im on the right track

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Just realised this is mainly for families or those around people with drink or drug issues so maybe this post was on the wrong forum but I have a lot of experience first hand of the signs and issues surrounding substance abuse, 25yrs worth including one of my best friends passing away and others around me suffering the ravages of drugs, mental breakdowns, suicide attempts and families not knowing what to do, so if I can help in any way at all I will, give me a shout, I'm here for help myself but can help others, nobody can face these things alone and once you realise that it's a big step in the right direction.

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Not sure why my first reply had question marks was meant to be xxx lol

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Hi mate, I do but feel like I've got it back in control just weekend use lol but am I just kidding myself again for it all to spiral out of control, honestly I don't think I would let it as I'm in a good mental place with it, it's kind of like most normal people fancying a drink rather than an alcoholic craving it, but you know what I mean as I see you still dabble, it's fucking hard not to

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Ye mines mainly now when am out.. which is very rare.. i use do it in the house on my own.. then come down all on my own and depressed. I cant stand the downers anymre..

I wouldnt worry about the site.. we can be on it aswell mate and help others still.

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