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Coke, alcohol and prostitutes...

Found out a year ago (on my first anniversary) that my husband (who I knew loved alcohol) also used coke socially. But this use went from social to regular while dealing with running a new business, coping with the breakup of his previous marriage and inadvertently viewing a nasty suicide.

He is always very open and honest and told me that while high on alcohol and coke his sex drive shoots through the roof and he's also been using prostitutes. He's used them 7 times since we've been married.

I forgave him when he told me all this as he is clearly an addict and has a problem (I know, I know... I am an idiot), but I really want the guy I fell in love with back. However, I've finally asked him to move out after he told me about a recent slip up when he brought one into our home for sex while his little kids were asleep upstairs.

He's started counselling and I'm giving him space to sort himself out. All his family and friends are supportive of me and are rooting for him to get clean. I don't know how I feel anymore. More and more stuff keeps coming out when I chat to him. Last night he told me he was smoking crack a few weeks ago and fell unconscious for 2 hours... his heart rate slowed right down and his body went cold and his lips were blue when he came round. He said he's surprised he woke up as there was obviously something wrong with the batch he bought. He nearly died! He also said he's smoked heroin in the past too.

While I love him to bits, I don't know what to think anymore. I'm not even asking for advice, I just want to know if anyone else has been in this incredibly crappy situation. :-(

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If he wanted you the drugs wouldn't have happened believe me im an ex addict lost the lot but all my fault

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Agree... It's our fault... The drugs win all the time.. Because we have no self worth until we do you can't save us... Save you instead the best advice I can give

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Sorry, that was meant to be a sad face emoji.... :-(

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you need to walk away, he is in way too deep, honestly, your life will be consumed by his addiction - once they smoke crack there isnt much going back seriously, cut ties and move on there are honestly plenty more fish in the sea. xxxxxx

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He said crack was horrific, he did it for 3 weeks and had awful side effects (he never has side effects from alcohol or coke, never had a hangover in his life, lucky git!)... So I'm guessing he won't do crack again, aside from that he has no money, he's lost all his friends and family over this (we are religious and his behaviour has led to people drawing away from him till he sorts himself out)..... He's clean at the moment, but he's still drinking, which always is a catalyst for him... I'm worried it won't be long before he falls of the wagon again when another life stress comes along. :-(

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