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Worried about him.... e’s coke, overweight, 50

Hi, my partner and father of four is taking e’s regularly and coke too. Mostly e’s at the moment. He even brought some in his suitcase on holiday, bought coke on holiday. He’s over weight too, 50 years old I’m genuinely mentally preparing myself for his death, I really think he might keel over. He was in the shower yesterday on coke pills and rum and he nearly passed out or something. Am I being dramatic? I’m pretty sure my fears for his health are justified aren’t they?

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Your fears are justified. My partner has been addicted to coke for 4 years and the fear doesn't get easier. Until he realises he has a problem he won't stop. My partner has realised and is trying but it's a uphill battle. I don't think he fully understands the pain he has put me through. I know this doesn't really help but I wanted you to know you're not alone

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You are not being dramatic.

I used to be worried about my 'husbands' alcohol and cocaine binges. I actually though one day he would die whilst coming down. He'd come home high and smelling of drink. he would try to sleep it off then he'd start with the sneezing, the nosebleeds, the vomiting blood, constant headaches and aching bones. He used to say he had flu but you couldn't have flu for ten months or so.

The only thing is he wasn't bothered about his own health.

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