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After 6 months of very little contact with our son he has split up from his partner and is back home with us. Very mixed feelings. No mention of why he has split. Anyway his behaviour today has been very erratic. He has been sniffing all day in a really grosse way. At times he has been excessively loud and over the top. What makes this seem worse is that he has had both his kids at our house today. We have been here before and we are obviously thinking he is up to his previous ways i.e. taking Cocaine. Are we just being paranoid?

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You are not paranoid I'm afraid.

'Husband' was sometimes loud and over the top when he came home after a night out on the alcohol and cocaine. The constant sniffling was always there.

I'm happy that you have contact with your son again but unhappy for you with the circumstances of his return. This addiction is awful.

I wish you well.

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Hi Hox, think we are both right. He has been living with us some of the time and returning to his partner, mainly at the weekend. He doesn't seem to go out all night with any mates. Think he probably takes it at her house but not sure if she does as she drops him off early in morning. We haven't been able to speak to him properly at all. He arranges to have his kids at our house at the weekend but just about turns up sat morning in time for when they arrive. He is usually still hyper but later in day falls asleep. This is not what he should be doing when having his kids. Today he was supposed to be working and coming home to ours for tea and sleeping. No response all day to our calls or texts. He hasn't been looking after himself and his excema has flared up. Washed all his clothes as they were dirty. No discussion when he came back why has hasn't spoken to us properly for the last 6 months. Not sure where to go from here with him, if he comes home. His partner has bought a blow up mattress and new bedding for his kids to stay here but supposed to be discussing this tonight with him. She has now gone away until Sunday. Sorry for ranting. Thought he had come home to sort himself out but doesn't seem like it.

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