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I’m not paying for his drugs no more

I have a partner who is a heroin addict, he does not work and gets every penny from me or others like his family, who is not aware he is using.

I work full time and I support him in every way, I put a roof over his head, I put clothes on his back, I put food in his stomach and he expects me to support his drug habit which I have been doing.

At the moment I’ve refused to buy him drugs and he all over the house saying he not well and he needs to score, ive told him I’ve got no money left has he spends all my money on the horrible habit and even smokes it in my house.

I determined that I’m not gonna give him any money for his heroin and I just need to be strong to stick to my decision ????????

replying to Janette132

Have you got kids? Spend every penny on the kids instead if you do.

Im struggling with a bit of a coke habbit. And i work hard and my kids get what they want 1st.

I was gonna say tell the lazy bastard get a job and pay for his own habbit but im not..

Id lay down some ground rules RIGHT NOW. He admits he has a problem, and he goes and gets help straight away. You tell him get off his back side and help out. And he has to apply for X amount of jobs a week. If not kick him out. Hes dragging you down!.

You havent been helping paying it for him, prob made it worse. But stick to your decision.. if he turkeys.. let him.. or tell him go to the docs. But he really does need to sort himself.

You have been wiping his backside for too long by the look of it. Be strong.. be firm.. and dont give in.

replying to Janette132

Thanks for your reply dan, I’m so emotional reading your reply and no I don’t have kids which is a good thing suppose x yes he is dragging me down and I’m just about seeing the light x I can’t take it much more x I know I need a kick up the arse and he making me out to be a different person that I know I am too ...

replying to Janette132

Right well if you have no kids. Id be brutally honest. Get out now.

My gf has stuck by me. But i want to quit. And i go a month with out and we are a happy family. And we both work very hard. And do not struggle.

Its your life but this is my opinion. Get rid. Tell him come back when he sorts himself. I know its hard losing anyone you love. But hes dragging you down. And hes useing you. It will be hard at 1st. But after you will feel fresh and a new lease of life. Trust me.

Or you can stay with him and give him one last chance. But as you have no kids. He doesnt work. I know what id do. Good luck and ask me out

replying to Janette132

And if hes making you out to be a different person, thats exactly what he wants. Hes probably making you feel week. Id move out and start again. But i dont want to be giving you bad advice. So do whats best for you. No one else. Hes thinking of him self. YOU DO TO!

replying to Janette132

Much the same really x nearly finished it with him today ....

told him, sort your shit out or your gone x

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