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Lapsed again on coke :(

So this weekend ive lapsed on cocaine again. This time i didnt have anything to drink. I just got the urge to get it. Again am so pissed off with my self and feeling down again. Im absolutely gutted with my self. Does anyone know if they have any meetings in manchester area. Im going to try these now.

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Hi dan

If you google Narcotics Anonymous it should be able to point you in the direction of groups in your area x

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Dan, dont worry too much - just get back to it. Youve been doing really well, so focus on the positives.

Try not to beat yourself up about it too much, how much did you have? what happened when you did it? what was your trigger this time?

I hope youre ok - honestly, youve been doing brilliantly, youre bound to relapse, it happens, accept it and move forward. YOU WILL get there.


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Gods honest truth.. aclose fam member to my son i cant say on here, sells it and i have deal with them regarding my son.

And i drove past friday.. and god knows why i just got the urge. Prob because it was so easy.. and got it.. i phoned them the day after and said. Block my num and i had a go.. because ive told them ignore me if i ask.

Im back on track again. But i just feel so down again. Im going to do a programme on a calander...

For everyday..of every month with something like this.

MONDAY- go to the gym.. Read one of my books on addiction. Listen to some addiction recovery stories. Spend 30 mins a day at least, talking to people with addictions on apps or here. And do certain activities with the kids on that day.

Ill do a box for each 1 and tick it off. Im so pissed off with my self georgia. If i didnt have my kids id just piss off to some were were theres no one in sight for a while.

Thanks for your help x

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You are still doing well Dan. Pick yourself up. You are doing the right things and getting back on track with your plan. Keep going.

It's a shame the dealer didn't take notice of you previously. He has no respect for you and your wellbeing. Maddening. I'm mad at him.

I do feel that keep coming on here helps. Keeps you focused. Well, it helps me but it also makes me sad and I feel I've been there, done that.

We do so want you to find a way.

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Thanks hox. Really appreciate it. Just have to knuckle down till my holl now. How are you doing? Hows he doing? Still same?

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Yeah, knuckle down. Save that money for extras on your hols, you have been looking forward to it for a long time.

Still on remand. He was on the phone consistently for two weeks as he needed to use me. Then came the nastiness. During week three he was in his bunk for three days saying he was ill.

I'm trying to keep myself busy and I'm starting to feel less anxious nowadays.

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Id just think of yourself mate. Do you think he was ill? Or just hungover

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I've got to now. I'm not sure because he was always ill before with the 'flu'

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