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Hi Everyone I’m 23 years old, I’m also addicted to Co-codamol I don’t take any where as near as much as you guys - I take roughly 180mg which I get on prescription! I’ve been taking them for two years I really do believe it helps with my anxiety! It’s started to become an everyday thing, it’s all I can think about! I’ve now decide to go cold turkey as I’m worried about my health! However I’m terrified, I went on holiday in January and ran out on day 4 and the withdrawals wear unbearable I cruised all pharmacies abroad to find them and couldn’t get them! The plane journey home was the worse experience of my life due to the withdrawal! I couldn’t even sit at peace, sweating, legs shaking & sore. I honestly felt like I was dieing tbh! I really need tips if there are any? I want to stop taking them once I know I can go at least a week without I know I can go without them forever! I believe after my 2 this morning I will never take any again! Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks

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I’m addicted to dihydrocodiene and I get your pain. The withdrawals are the worst! I feel like I can’t do anything because I feel like crap. I’m starting to gradually reduce the amount I’m taking for example I know I can manage off 6 a day so I’ll start dropping by 1 a week until eventually I’m down to 1 a day then 0 a day

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Hi there, keep us updated on how you’re getting on? You say at the end of your message that you believe you will never take any again.. and there is what you need.. belief that you can live without them! You have to actually believe that you can do I think you may just crack this! I’m going cold turkey, so have had my last dose today! The withdrawals will kick in from tomorrow and I too need to believe I can do it!!

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Hi Guys thanks very much for replying!

So... I haven’t had any since yesterday morning! Believe it or not I had a great sleep and was fine this morning, my legs started to play up this afternoon however I went for a walk and it’s disappeared. I know very soon I will be hit with heavy withdrawals however I’m determined to beat it! I’ve read many stories of people smashing coming off these things so if they can do it we can do it! I am afraid of the full force of the withdrawals however if I keep mega busy which I will only then will the big issue be sleeping I think! If anyone has any tips on sleeping?

Will regularly keep everyone updated!

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Hey guys,

I hope you don’t mind me weighing in with my story? Firstly you CAN beat this, it will not be easy, but it’s the best and most important thing you can do, please stick to it, and never beat yourself up.

I’m a 57yr old woman with a great life, don’t need to work, fab hubby who works extremely hard, and who I adore, 2 grown up sons and a grandson I idolise.

How did I end up addicted to Codeine? As we all know it just creeps up, and I was hooked over 9yrs of nurofen plus and Solp max, taking 400mg of Codeine!!!

Anyways that’s about me, I’m now 4 weeks clean from the evil pills, I also used to use phenergan to help me sleep, but got hooked on those as well( I was a lost cause!) I also stopped taking those 3 weeks ago, then I also have a thyroid problem which has gone from under active to overactive, this was causing more anxiety an insomnia

So I’m not going to lie, it will be hell for about 2 weeks, you’ll need Lopremide for bowels, vitamins, regular paracetamols, an maybe herbal stress relief ( kalms), drink plenty of water, rest , if you can excercise, watch movies , read up on this forum, meditate ( it does help) above all else hang in there, I promise you it does get better, you are stronger than you think

I’m now starting to sleep better, and eat better, and my energy is gradually getting back to normal

I still wake up early with a bit of anxiety , but it fades after I have a banana an a cup of tea! Also got baths with Epsom salts and lavender help. Keep taking 1 day at a time, I’m now not craving at all

Good luck to you all

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Hi Kally! Of course not, everyone’s stories are welcome!

Fantastic I can’t wait to be at week 4! I have been exercising a lot, drinking plenty of water etc I’ve only had minor withdrawals- sore head, sweating etc so I know the worse is still to come however I’m ready for it.

Your story is what people need to hear! There is a light at the end of the tunnel so thanks very much for sharing. You have done great you should be super proud of yourself.

Thank You!

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Hi Brian, you could be surprised and not have major withdrawals! The last time I went cold turkey, I was the same as you and waited for them to hit hard.. they never did! You’re doing amazing either way so I won’t wish you good luck because it doesn’t sound like you need it.. just stay strong and keep doing what you’re doing.. keep us updated ????

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Thanks for the quick reply! I just fear they are coming as I was on holiday in January and never had any for two days as I ran out and it was brutal! Very hard couldn’t wait to get home to go and get some! However at that time I was taking nearly double what I was taking for the last two months. Thanks for your kind words I will definitely be keeping everyone updated!

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I’m feeling ok today, a little agitated however I expected this. I’m currently in work and it’s very quiet today so trying to keep busy as much as I can! I have break soon so going to go for a walk with colleague who I’ve opened up to. I will keep regular updates on here with my progress! Take care.

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