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I need someone to talk to

I just want someone who I can talk to who can support me and in return I’ll do the same.

I can’t beat this alone and there’s nothing more important to me than getting free of this disgusting Codeine addiction

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replying to Sophie28

Hey :) I’m here if u wanna get anything off your chest x

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Thank you. I just need 2 weeks away with no responsibilities so I can get over this addiction cold turkey and get back to my old self but that can’t happen and I just can’t see a way out. How can I look after my daughter when I have no energy or get up and go in me because when I don’t take the tablets I just feel like crap and like I physically can’t do anything. I’m so angry that I let this happen and so annoyed I’m back in debt after working so hard to be debt free. I’ve found a free treatment facility that have offered to help but I’m not sure about going because I can’t come up with a lie about where I will be going once a week for meetings. Why can’t you turn back time?! I’d stay a million miles away from the horrible tablets xx

replying to Sophie28

Oh Sophie sweetheart, yes it’s totally crap, but some withdrawals are harder than others, take Imodium for your bowels, take s good multivitamin, drink plenty of water/ coconut water to rehydrate, take cold /flu abs for aches and pains, but not any with caffeine at night.

Think very hard if you can do cold turkey or taper, I tapered over about 5 weeks, but once I took my last tablet , the next day I started the detox. Yes it’s hard, but tell yourself you’re going to get a bad dose of flu, if you have someone you can confide in, let them know what you’re going thru, and remember it doesn’t last forever , the bad feelings do subside, I can promise you that. I’m now 4 weeks free from these evil pills , I’m much better in myself, still get loose bowels , and still not 100% in the sleep dept, but I don’t know what my normal sleep s anyway ( I’m menopausal as well ) I fully understand how you feel, I want you to know that although we don’t actually know any of us on here, we are all here to help and support. If you read the codeine posts you’ll see so many people who have struggled but also beaten this evil.

I know if you are determined and think of your daughter, you’re doing it for her too, you’ll cry, you’ll ache, you’ll sweat buckets, etc etc....

But always remember you are NOT alone.

The Harder the battle ....The sweeter the Victory

Keep updating, it helps, and it may help someone going thru the same

Take care x

replying to Sophie28

Ah hun, I feel you so much. My little man is two so I know exactly how your feeling. I haven’t told a soul a thing also, just you guys on here and my doctor. I’ve made sure I have supplies in the house for the withdrawals. This is so bad but I premake everything to store in my room so I don’t have too far to go right now. When I told my doctor about my issues she was very straight to the point about how this could end up, so this is my biggest motivator. I really think you need to have someone you can have to talk with whenever, I’m here whenever. I really hope u and me get past this, this isn’t us you know. We are more than a tablet xx sorry if any of this doesn’t make sense I’ve had no sleep!

replying to Sophie28

Thank you both for replying it really means the world to me that someone has taken time out to message back. My daughter is also 2 and very hard work at times so the thought of withdrawals is scaring the crap out of me because apart from the 3 days a week I work she’s always with me. I’ve been around addiction my entire life up until 9 years ago when my dad passed ( he was an alcoholic) and now I finally understand why my mum was worried that I’d end up with an addiction. I know If I don’t stop soon it will probably end up killing me somehow. I can’t even go to my doctor because I shouldn’t of been taking the tablets in the first place. I got down to 4 a day a few months ago and instead of dropping to any lower I ended up relapsing. I will definitely be stocking up on the things mentioned ready to taper off them. I will get off them! I know I can do it it’s just actually doing it. I keep saying to myself that I’ll never have the things I really want as long as I’m this mess of a person. I want to buy a house and I want more children so there’s so many incentives. Thank you both xx

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