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What’s next?

I’m happy, successful professionally and have a great support unit, issue is my social circle all recreationally take use. Usually on a night out , few beers then the bag comes out. My issue is I can’t stop, it’s the beer that gets me thinking if it and I can’t get it out of my head until I have it, then it’s a continuous drive to keep going, so much so my partner goes to bed tonight she’s asleep and I sneak off and keep on it more, I’m sat in the patio after taking more and googling wtf am I doing? Chain smoking and reassessing my choices. My relationship and social circle is drink and then inevitably gear, they seem to enjoy, drink and know when to stop, separating the two for special occasions, indont. I had 6 months t total and everything seemed to go ok. I’m with my partner now and I’m madly in love but she likes a drink and I won’t want to change her, but it’s becoming too much, I cannot stop. Is this relationship poisoning me do I need to leave to find clarity and be sober now? I can’t separate alcohol and substance then it’s all I fixate on. I go abroad and know I can’t find it and I’m my old self, enjoy a drink and I’m ok, back home everyone I socialise with does it, but these friends are like family. I can’t have a life without them but i can’t separate the two in my home city. Any advice welcome . Feeling trapped in a loop

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I take it your on about coke. Im going through coke probs now. And alcohol is the main trigger to get coke. Im lapsing once a month. I cant stand the stuff and im doing my best to quit..

The fact is how bad do you want to quit, and the obvious is that you cant drink anymore. You cant go out with anyone who has coke, have to delete all dealers numbers. And totally change your routine and life around.

Do you feel depressed and suicidal after it?

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My 'husband' was the same.

'Husband' only sniffed when he was with family that partake or with his friends that he too said are like family. But they are only 'coke friends/family' not normal, real friends. My husband had a real life before he was introduced to these people. You sound so much like him, like he couldn't not be with these people. You have to separate yourself from these friends if you want to stop. You can still have a social life without them as you said you can drink when you are abroad on holiday. It is a difficult choice, your health or your life with your friends. I've seen it, I have been there.

I wish you well.

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Don’t feel suicidal just garbage for the days after.

In the pub again after a bad day at work, see above. After it again. I love my partner but we both partake, tried talking but it’s not something I make any progress on. Lost again, same old story. Anyone been here?

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Hi there. I think you know what you need to do, Hence you being on here. That’s good! At least you’ve recognised that you have a problem, that’s the first step in doing something to try to change it.

You said “in the pub after a bad day at work.” Maybe you need to find healthier ways of tackling when you’re feeling crap. Cocaine is a quick fix that in the long run makes you end up feeling worse.

I’d talk to your gf about stopping. Tbh if she won’t get onboard with you i’d seriously think about maybe ending it. Your health should be your number one priority and if she is using, the chances of you being able to just stop are slim due to the mental pull of the drug. Good luck!!

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How often are you having it? If your having a bad day at work.. go to the gym and let some steam off.. or a bath and listen to some music.. going the pub and drinking is just going to make you want to get coke. Sometimes.. well most times.. its your brain playing tricks on you because it wants coke.. so your thinking ive had a bad day at work.. fuk it am going pub.. but your brain secretly knows you will get coke.

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