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Cocaine addiction where’s it come from

Hi, first time I have done anything like this and didn’t fancy phoning any of the lines.

I’m Adam 36, three kids, good wife (never done drugs) own two businesses out side looking in great life.

I’ve always done cocaine from been 18 and it’s always been a social thing I did in the pub on the weekend and never been an issue always stopped at that.

About 12 weeks back things changed and I don’t know why I do have a lot of stress with work but I have only missed I guess 2-3 days in the last 6 weeks and anytime of the day. I know I’m starting to develop a problem but can’t stop myself the money ain’t a problem these days and with out mixing it with alcohol my wife doesn’t even notice.

Even doing this at work now before meetings etc how can coke not be a massive issue all my adult life then this and I can see how drug problems develop now I’m taking bigger quantities and the feeling when there is none left.

Scared my self the other week aswell I’m sure I overdosed body tremors racing heart and when I finally passed out I slept the clock round 24 plus hours

Affecting my work and family life only slightly at the moment but has changed my mind set not happy with the normal life at the moment

Any advise all would be appreciated just don’t know how to break the routine at the moment

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replying to Adam28352

Hiya mate. Ive been doing coke for about 8 9 years. Im doing my best to quit.

Im lapsing rougly once a month. But i end up having 3 by the end of the night. And feel depressed and suicidal on the come down. I cant stand the stuff.

No matter what.. you are an addict. Even if its once a week. Your an addict. You dont have to use every day to be one.

Your on about breaking the routine? Do you want to quit altogether? Or just cut down?

Theres no cutting down on coke. When you crave it and the emotional relapse comes in your gonna get it no matter what.

If you want to quit. For a start.. you cant touch alcohol or go pubs and clubs.. alcohol is a main trigger to get coke. You need delete all dealers and mates nums to do with coke. Delete social media. And thats just the start. But it depends if you want to quit it all.

replying to Danman83

Hi Pal, I think your doing great if your only lapsing once a month. I know what I’m doing isn’t right I’ve always said when it’s not social it’s a problem but don’t think I’m ready to admit I have an issue yet hard to explain

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replying to Adam28352

Ive done loads of research and watched videos. This woman i watched on you tube has said if you take it for 6 month only at once a month your addicted to it. And shes an expert. Even if your going out every weekend having it.. your addicted to it. Because you always want it when out.

If your doing it at work i think you need to admit you have an issue lol.

How much are you having and spending a week?

replying to Adam28352

My 'husband' was the same. Just a social thing once, twice a year max. I'm probably exaggerating at that. I didn't notice a change in him when he did cocaine infrequently.

Then came the stress of a court case. Upped the drinking and upped the sniffing. Cocaine changed his mind set. He found no pleasure in anything that he once had. I didn't realise until it was too late. My 'husband' now doesn't love me any more. He doesn't mix with the folk we used to. He has ruined his successful business with not going regularly and is now detained at HMP.

I am now going to lose the house and everything we have both worked hard for.

If only I had known what I know now.

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replying to Adam28352

Hi new here

Am in same situation as this guy. Just hunting looking asking any thing that start getting this crap out my life I want to try myself first as work full time etc so taking time out causes people ask why etc.. I can go couple weeks I feel so much better than I break it. Don’t go out as it’s always around took myself away and out of things that I can avoid so not near me. I arranged counselling but time the appt actually came round due to when they had slot I didn’t go as spent to much time before worrying about talking to someone. And ideas help advice be greatfull thanks x

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replying to Adam28352

wow adam, honestly, seek help before its too late mate.

youll lose everything honestly, your wife, your businesses..

you need to want help, you need to get help - you cant just cut down and be a social sniffer, youre an addict and its best to accept that and seek help.

Dan is right, you need to eliminate it all from your life, you need to go to a doctor.

honestly, act before its too late..

replying to Mollie24

Hi Mollie

you really need to get help, go to counselling - my bf does and its helped him massively.

until youre 100% committed and ready to give up, you wont, youll keep relapsing.

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replying to georgia26

Just done two week ish with out had a binge tonight but I suppose small steps just don’t know how to get away from it it’s every where

Friends I knock about with pubs I go colleagues at work without reshaping my whole life after 36 years I don't know what to do bit lost at the moment to be honest ????

replying to Adam28352

hi Adam

you need to completely change routine and your life - you need to eliminate the pub thats for sure, just while youre getting better. You need to stay away from anyone tha does it. Get a new hobby, go gym, take yourself away from it all.

2 weeks is good - stay focused, you need to go doctors though and get some proper help.

You are right its everywhere but try and delete everything associated with it, my boyfriend has and all is going well at the moment..

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