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I am slowly destroying my life through alcohol, I literally don't know when to stop drinking, me and my partner had a massive bust up about it last weekend, which I was desperately trying to make amends for.....then last night she was out and while she was I got blind drunk again!? Why am I doing this, it's like I'm trying to destroy my life!? How do I stop I'm desperate!

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You need ask your self if you are truely happy in the situation you’re in.

Partner, house, job, car anything and everything.

Some people find they’re unhappy because they have lots of bills or find a problem and cannot work a solution.

If you were truely happy, you wouldn’t ruin plans or days with the partner. You would make separate plans to get blind drunk that don’t affect what’s more important. If you had no reason to drink for example...

Sounds like you have a reason, you need to assess your current living situation and change what you’re not happy with

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Im not sure the above is true really, it sounds like youve got an alcohol problem, after all, if you cant say no then its an addiction.

It starts like this and destroys relationships and anything in its path, it starts with "binge drinking". You really need to go down to the doctor and get support before it truly gets out of control.

What are your drinking habits, how often? how did it start? do you suffer with any mental health problems?

You can love your partner to death (believe me) and still self destruct through addiction. You can have the best life and still suffer with addiction.

if you can expand on your issues a bit, itll be easier to give some advice. My other half was like you and it just got completely out of control - it started with self medicating his anxiety with alcohol, the next thing was binge drinking.

Addiction is so hard to understand.. your brain plays tricks, you may not want to, but you will..

i would also suggest reading through some of these threads, as they are really helpful.

do you use cocaine as well or just drink?

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Hi thanks for the reply, I drink about 5 nights a week but only binge on a couple of those. I just don't know when to stop I think I'm ok....but I'm clearly not...have used coke in the past but not now.

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Hi John

You really really need to seek help, it may only seem like a minor thing now but it never ends well. Drinking 5 days a week is a lot, and if you cant go without it i do think you may have an alcohol problem.

You need to speak to your doctor as it really will get worse..

get help asap honestly - drink is evil when it gets hold of youx

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Hey georgia! Are you ok? Hows the bf doing? Is he back on track now? Hope so x

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to take it twice in 6 months and having it around you all the time is pretty good going really so i am hoping he isnt that in deep - but i feel like i am not getting my hopes up.. as when i do it all comes crashing down on me, x

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Friggen hell he was selling it? Lol what a madman, hes defo risking having it there. My mate sells it and hes really bad having it now. Id do it for the money but id know id just have it. Hes done really well to get lapse just twice . And i get all that with the money, he would of got use to having so much and the loss of losing it all each week. But it looks like you won, and hes picked you.. which is great.

Yeee.. im all good thanks, just woke up from my nightshift and going the gym with my lad now. 3 days and counting, ill buy you some perfume for being so helpful haha.. only messing x

Yes im going to drink but im diff when im abroad i dont crave it. But i hope i dont get offered it.

Ye shes been nice this week.. she text me at work last night saying 'love u' i said... whats up with you? Haha

Anyway your doing great with him and on here helping people you should be proud of yourself. Hes my email if you ever need me, i gave my number but they deleted it lol EMAIL DELETED have a good weekend x

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