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Opinions please?

Hi everyone.

I’ve had an issue with cocaine since I was 19. Everyone who knows me who never expect me to do it. I’m a 1st class degree holder, cute, a female and well presented.

However, this addiction happens to the worst of us.

I need some advice. Somehow I just can’t stop doing it if I’ve had a drink. It’s a sort of impulse urge that I can’t control, even though I know in the back of my mind the consequences will be bad.

Someone please reply. Advice!? X

replying to Loversonthesun

You are right it can happen to anyone - dont matter what you have or who you are.

You need to seek help, go to a doctor - even if youre only doing it once a week youre addicted and before this gets too deep you need to act, fast.

there are lots of people that can help, my BF has a problem with cocaine and its living hell for me but i do understand its a disease.. that needs to be managed before its too late.

You may not think you need help from someone but i really would suggest you do or this will continue and itll get worse and spiral.

go to the doctor, ask for help, go to addiction counselling as this really helps too

replying to Loversonthesun

Hi there, well done on accepting it's an issue, I am in AA for alcohol and cocaine addiction, and I'm now detoxing from codeine. I never realised that alcohol was my biggest problem, do you feel you have any issue with your drinking? Drink lowers the inhibitions and we do things we'd never dream

Of whilst sober. It's a horrible place to be in, I too don't 'seem the type' to get into addiction, but here I am. It disregards social Class, education and gender. Go to a dr and get refered for addiction counselling maybe? Best of luck. Let us know how you get on.

replying to Loversonthesun

Hope your ok mate.. my sister is a social worker and works with drug councilors and 1 guy who had a coke problem was an easy jet pilot.. so it does happen to the best of us.

How old are you now then? And im 3 week clean today from coke. Im roughly having it once a month, may be longer.. give or take. I hate the stuff and im doing my very best to stop it.

There is a lot of things that you need to do to stop it, one of the main triggers is alcohol. If i have any, i am on the phone to my mate getting the stuff. So i dont drink anymore. Im in turkey on hol now.. and i am drinking but i have no urge for it here, its probably because i know i cant get it.

But if you really dont want the stuff and drinking is your trigger. You are going to have to quit drinking im afraid. If you go to partys , pubs, bbqs, ect... you can not drink! And dont think you will be ok! Trust me.. you wont be!

You need to change your life around, change the drinking and going out for hobbies, anything you want.. maybe something that you have never done before.

How often do you drink? Coke? And how much coke?

Im always here if u need out btw

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