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Cocaine and Cheating

I’ve shared my story in the past but today my ex admitted to me that he had cheated on me while high on cocaine- his response was and what about it we are not together anymore! So cold and still up and down although he saying he’s not using. If he hasn’t used he has went 7 weeks without but he couldn’t tell me how long he’s went without because he tells that many lies, I’m just going with what he told me last time. Going through lawyers to get access to my kids and said he will do hair drug test. Does anyone know if he can cheat this?

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Tell him to get lost. He crnt cheat the test but he is a probably just throwing in all the bull shits he can to convince you to stay with him. I went through the same with my ex husband maybe worse than you I don’t know but he never changed and it was getting bad to worse that I got evicted from my house lost everything I had to my last penny to feed his addiction and he didn’t give a crap .

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he cant cheat the hair test, no..

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Does anyone know how long cocaine stays in the system for which can be detected by hair drug test?

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