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Sister drinking and not eating and not wanting to go on

Hi, I live 4.5 hours drive from my sister and I have just found out that for the past 5 days she is not eating and drinking 2 bottles of wine a day and hardly getting out of bed. I spoke to her this morning and she says she just wants to fade away. I don't know where to turn, please help

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Morning, has she got any close friends that can help in the short term? Anyone that live close to her? Can you call them and get them to help! She really needs professional help and as soon as you can, it’s not something you can do personally because she is probably to familiar with you approach. Do you know which GP practice she is at? She needs to go and visit them or get a call arranged to her house or mobile. If she has a friend that is closer than you can you get them to talk to her and get to her doctors as soon as she can and get help. The only way to fight it is to get some support. I’m sorry for her and you but she needs as much physical and mental support as she can get at this time and she probably won’t do it on her own in this dark time.

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Look on the internet for her local alcohol and addiction support group and see if you can get some advise from them? Ring them and the GP is you can but worry about the consequences of how she reacts after but do what you need to to get her some help. Good luck

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I rang Drugfam and spoke to a lovely lady who was very supportive. Due to her I managed to get my sister to phone the AA and amazingly she was immediately more positive. Today I am going to pick her up and bring her here to look after her, get her medical help and she has even agreed to attend an AA meeting with me. I would urge any relative or friend to ring Drugfam or any of the other organisations, they really do help.

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Isn't that amazing! Fantastic news. Never give up and look forward, supporting your sister will be her best chance of beating this evil. The very best of luck to you both.x

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