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Cannabis is not safe for everybody

My closest friend, my older brother ruined his life because he wasn't able to control his cannabis addiction, I never had a problem with it, in fact I even joined him, but when he started trying other stuff like cocaine, MDMA and amphetamines, he said weed didnt do it anymore for him so he got hooked on heavier stuff which ended up costing him all his life savings, his marriage, his kid and any other kind of ties. Now he's living on the street out of the charity of others, it was all because his phisiology reacted differently to canabis which made him search for a stronger fix. I started a cannabis blog focused on educating people regarding the potential risks of cannabis for certain individuals, hopefully I'll be abl to share it with you later but I just wanted to share my stories and let people know that we shouldn't be so careless when it comes to allowing our loved ones to do as they please just to avoid confrontation, it is hard to tell people the truth but it's much less painful than loosing them for good

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Yo man I completely feel you, in fact that's more or less why I came here on the first place, my cousin had something similar to you happen a while ago. He got into heroin though, gladly he was able to get out of that terrible thing but it was an awful experience for all of us and well, it all came down to canabis being a gateway drug as cliche as that might sound. I agree it's not the same with everyone and many handle it without a problem but I am positive there are certain cases where it is absolutely possible for cannabis to be totally negative

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Wow that's harsh, but you are right, people seem to be taken by surprise by cannabis sometimes, that's why we started with a blog check it out I'm hoping to share a couple more to try and teach people about the potential risks of cannabis for some, let me know what you think please https://thcdetox.biz/blog/marijuana-health/

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