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Help me before I loose my shit

I am currently sitting at a family meal, thinking all I want to do is run away and spend my money on cocaine....

I'm with my partners family, and they are overwhelming me really badly.

My partner got a bottle of wine and I want to drink that plus all alcohol on the menu.


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Trust me coke does not resolve no problems if anything it creates more trust me I know too well

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You know its true.... My head is just getting the better of me

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Not good..... My sister in laws are just so up their own backsides....

Not got any.

But want to just walk out...

I'm just not like them at all.... Tried to talk to them and got dismissed

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My partner knows I ain't happy.... And Half of me just wants to leave

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Hey let me tell my situation my mrs n kids are away for week thought a cheeky 1 wont hurt... 5 later regretting it.. want more but I've just realised what is happening to me so No means No

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Oh mate I am so sorry to hear that.

You know something, when I'm away from certain people I can push through.

It's all small steps but then something makes me crack.

We've had two close deaths recently, and it's been hard but it's no excuse.

They are just talking about it all and I just can't deal with it

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If your not happy there go...but do something new and crazy. Something out of character something that dont involve (drink and drugs) so you get a adrenaline rush that's what your looking for (I think)...

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I have just got a non alcoholic cocktail of cucumber and raspberry.... And ordering the fastest desert so I sleep after the sugar rush

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