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My struggle with codeine

Hi. I have been struggling with codeine addiction since i was 18. I am now 32. I am currently on day 5 of going cold turkey. Does anyone have any tips on how to deal with the bad sleeping, the complete lack of wanting to do anything and the low moods. Especially on a morning. I have to stick at this because i am in debt after spending thousands on these horrible tablets from online pharmacies but i am just struggling. I haven't told anyone at all so feel very alone right now. Thanks.

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Hi, I’m in a similar boat, albeit not been taking anywhere near as long as you. Can you taper? I’m trying that at the moment but it’s not working as well as planned. I keep giving myself an extra day, then an extra day turns into another one.

There are some supplements you could try, L thenaine, 5-HTP, GABA, Ashwaganda, all none addictive, they may help with the low mood. If you are experiencing anxiety could you see a GP and ask for a small script of Diazepam, they may help for acute episodes of anxiety and although they can be addictive, the GP won’t give you enough to get addicted to.

Regarding sleep, you can get OTC Nytol, you want the stuff with DPH though, not the herbal stuff, the herbal stuff is just on supermarket shelves but the stuff that actually works is OTC.

Try meditation too. Headspace and Calm are two decent apps, I think Headspace even has guided meditation on cravings so that could be beneficial.

5 days is good going, keep it up, I only managed 1 day last time I tried cold turkey so you are doing extremely well. How much codeine were you taking?

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Hi. I've tried to taper before and i just ended up taking them all within a few days. Not strong enough for it at all. Anyone who can taper are so brave and strong. It's so bloody hard however you do it really. I was taking on average 100 30mg tablets a day. No wonder I've had seizures really. And that still didn't stop me. I actually stopped breathing for a few minutes and it still didn't stop me. As soon as i got out of hospital i was back on them. Thank you so much for the tips.

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Wow, I wasn’t expecting that. I take between 10-20, tolerance builds so fast. You are definitely doing the right thing, that amount is not sustainable.

No problem, I hope it all goes well. Can I ask why you started taking them, for me it’s self mediation for anxiety and depression

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It's a very dangerous amount. I was completely playing with fire. It all started with a headache and i was given some 30/500 co codamol. I liked the feeling. I do suffer with anxiety but these little pills made it all ok. I'm now struggling to see how i will ever cope without them. They give me so much energy and confidence. Right now i am the complete opposite and just want to be happy but without worrying about where my next load of pills would come from. You can imagine how much i have spend on them with taking that amount a day ????

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I know exactly what you mean, it’s so functional and I think that adds to the problem. They make me a better person, they make me happy and confident. I work better and I’m better with my partner, probably why they are so hard to kick.

It’s like £50 a day! Do you take phosphate? I’m assuming so and not the stuff with paracetamol

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Yeah to scared to take any with paracetamol or ibuprofen. I dread to think what my insides are like just with the codeine. £50 a day sounds so bad. I am so ashamed of myself. My poor partner has been trying to understand where money is going and because it's all in my account I've just been telling lies and he doesn't deserve that at all. I don't like the person it has made me become. I really hope we can both do this.

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Would you consider telling him? I told my partner and she was understanding. She wants me to stop as soon as possible. It may really help telling them, you shouldn’t have to go through it on your own.

I wouldn’t worry too much about your insides, the body is resilient and opiates aren’t actually all that bad physically to the body, if you were taking paracetamol or ibuprofen that would be a different story.

Use the cost as a motivator, you’ve made mistakes but you’ve stopped, you shouldn’t be ashamed of yourself, you are making steps in the right direction, plenty of people would just give up and continue.

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I'm not sure i could tell him or my other family members as I've seen how they reacted before. I don't think he would forgive me if he knew how much i have spent. My goal is to take my family on holiday. My youngest is 5 and has never been abroad. I just get anxious that my partner will ask why we seem to have more money and nothing has changed in his eyes

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Don’t let that hold you back, you owe it to yourself to take your children on holiday. It’s easy to feel guilty, I do too, but this is why we need to make the changes.

Just think, in a week or so you’ll be over the worst and no longer physically dependent on codeine.

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