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Addicted to co codomol

Please I am falling to pieces I just want to be free of this I want to see the real me again. I've heard tapering down works I dont want the withdrawals at all I would love some advice I have no one I know to help me please

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Hi. I'm no good at giving advice of tapering because i always fail at it but you can do this. I'm on day 5 of going cold Turkey and I'm not going to lie, it's hard. Really hard. I am trying to keep myself as busy as possible. Having to push myself with every single thing i do but no one in my family is aware so i have to try carry on as normal as possible. Even though it is absolutely killing me inside. Just be kind to yourself. If it doesn't work the first, second, third time etc just keep trying. And remember you aren't alone. Even if u are just talking to people on here like i am. It's better than keeping it all to yourself.

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Hi thank you for replying I am not brave enough to go cold turkey what do you take co codomal for. I don't want this anymore I look at all the ppl around me and I want that I have a child and I want another o e but have something medically wrong so makes it hard but wot if I fell pregnant by chance wot happens with the co codomal I can't believe myself im just a waste of time I hate myself all the time I hurt ppl and that's not me I don't want this anymore

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I was addicted to codeine for over 10 years started taking it because of a bad back and skip forward I would be taking 30 30mg tablets at once that would keep the withdrawals away for 2 days then I was having another 30. Once they ran out I was buying Nurofen plus and swallowing 2-3 packs every 2 days. You can get stuff from gp to help with withdrawls but one way or the other you will get withdrawl symptoms and they aren't pleasant. It took me 3 weeks to get any normality back but I went cold turkey. Also I relapsed and found myself taking Nurofen plus again for around another 12 months. Cold turkey again but that withdrawl was only bad for 4 days. Everyone is different but believe me it's worth doing and getting free of it cause it totally takes over your life

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