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My story !

I was prescribed codeine many years ago for a back condition, it helped me cope with my life for many years.

On Friday my world fell apart when my prescription wasn’t there at my local doctor surgery.

I work in the medical profession as a mental health nurse, so know all the pros and cons of taking medication for a prolonged time, it’s been over ten years. At first panic set in but with no real way of getting the doses that I have come to rely on, I was forced to rethink my whole relationship with codeine.

So today is my second day without this medication in my hand. Last night was awful with two hours sleep

I can cope with everything that comes with withdrawal except the restless legs ... it sucks !

And my back pain is back, however not as bad as I thought it would be.

I hope never to take this drug again ( I know relapse is a possibility) but really I want a life where I am not chasing my drs for prescriptions or worrying about codeine.

This forum has really helped to keep me positive when I wanted to cry over the last two days.

Reading stories of people going through this has shown me there is a life after codeine. I know this is not going to be an easy journey however one I need to take. It’s very scary stepping into a world without codeine to buffer me.

I have never disclosed this to anyone but my partner who is supporting me greatly.

My children now know who are all grown up and they to will aid me in this journey.

I know I am extremely lucky to live the life I do with my family and career.

It’s time now to feel the fear and do this anyway x

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It’s great that your partner is helping you. I’m also addicted to codeine, I got addicted due to self medication for anxiety, between benzos and codeine I thought the codeine was the lesser of the two evils.

Telling my partner was a great help, she’s been non judgmental but stern in the fact she wants me to quit.

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Yes he is fab and knows me only to well. He has my best interest at heart .

But it’s time now I need to feel what life is like without the medication.

I can’t continue living the way I have

For a second longer . Thank you for your reply it’s nice to think that I am not alone in my battle.

You partner is correct to be stern they want what’s best for us

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There are plenty of us on here with codeine addictions and plenty who have beaten it. You seem to have it under control, just remember, in a few more days you will be through the worse of it

Are there any exercises you can do going forward to help your back? I suffer from chronic pain, I’m a 29 year old male, been tested for all sorts and the doctors find nothing. They won’t consider fibromyalgia because of my sex/age but I’m convinced I have it. Codeine gets rid of the pain so I’m fully expecting that to be back soon!

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Thank you ...

Day three tbh never thought I would ever get this far, but I have. It’s still the restless leg that are the issue stopping me from sleeping, however going to go for a walk today and see if that helps. Yes there are exercises out there that I can do and also I will go and see a chiropractor see if they can help. I just want to be free of codeine so I will try anything. Poor you maybe your an exception to the rule regarding your sex/age fibromyalgia. It must be so frustrating for you.

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