: Drugs, alcohol and mental health

Discuss the twin challenges of mental health and substance use

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Really struggling never seen coming and don't know we're this will take me to,

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Wanna talk about it?? We’re all struggling with something on here, my struggle is cocaine too

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Waiting on my wife to come home to tell her all ,will be put out feel sick to my stomach

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You’re doing the right thing, if anything you should be proud of yourself.

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Going for treatment tomorrow morning, physically and mentally beat x

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Wow! Good for you, Treatment is such a big step! I’m so glad you’re getting the help that you need. Your family will thank you for it. And you can look back at this soon as a bad memory. This is such a good thing that you’re doing, a very good thing. Takes a strong person to do this! stay strong and be proud of yourself.

I look forward to hearing from you soon for an update. X

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Being honest is the best thing you can do. Taking steps to fix things is good also! Good luck

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