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Help me please

I been clean a couple months now I’m having a baby I can’t even take my psych meds anymore. I just found a crack pipe and chore in front seat of my boyfriends car and he refuses to tell me he relapsed. I told him he needs to leave or get help. He refused to get help all day till just now he said if I don’t drug test him tonight he will go to iop next week. He also spent all his money on drugs this week and i now have to loan him 400 dollars to get his car fixed in the morning. I know he’ll pay me back but if he didn’t use he’d still have some money to put towards it and that bothers me. I want to be with him so bad I love him so much and I am an addict I understand how hard it is to stop but I’m asking him for our sake and childs sake to get help and me asking him to get help almost made him leave. It’s a lose lose situation and idk what to do. I have family support and I talked to my therapist. It’s just really really hard please reach out to me if anyone can suggest anything to help. I hate being a control freak and mean I get very mean being on no medication I can’t help it he brings this monster out of me. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to help him. I’m scared for my own sobriety and I’m literally shaking. I can’t stop thinking about that pipe it’s really getting to me and it’s extremely overwhelming. Like it’s calling me to come home. I can’t risk hurting my child I can’t have drugs be a part of my life anymore

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Hope your ok.. but no matter what.. your child comes 1st.. everytime!. There is only one person that will get hurt in this.. and thats your child. If you end up on it again. Your child will suffer. No matter how hard it is. I think you need to move on. And keep going. Your doing great. But dont go back. Just keep thinking of your child. And talk about you 2 when he is better. Thats my opinion and i know how hard it is when you are in love. But kids always come 1st. And i would totally understand if my gf did it to me.

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how are you? i literally haven't been able to login for months! How are you? whats been going on, are you still doing well? x

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Hiya mate! Same here... long story really.. but left my gf in october.. and i have been using every weekend going out. Im gutted really. Not had it for 2 week now. And i went to the drug help place and ive got an appointment on 25th.. i really do want knock this on the head. But i just got stuck in a rut. Im back with her now. Soo all is good. Fingers crossed lol. How u been? You still with your bf?

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Oh shit - no way.

you can get back to what you were doing before, but get help asap - get watching your youtube videos and that again.. glad youre back together now, hopefully her being around again will help a bit more now.

Yes still with him, he hasnt used coke for ages now.. weve had the odd binge drink issues but hes still getting his therapy every Thurs, which helps him. Thing with him is he has bad anxiety and whenever he gets up tight he feels the need to drink to calm down.

You will be ok though, you can do it, get back on here helping people and getting advice.. xxx

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Thanks mate :) tbh this site helped me alot to stay off it. And then it shut down and i just thought i was ok. When i clearly wasnt.

Good on him as well. Least you stuck by him and he sorted himself.

Im decorating again. Ive got loads to do this weekend. So hopefully this will keep me busy x

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