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Hi Dan do you mind making a list of the supplement you are taking for dopamine and mood for me to purchase?


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No. Not at all: N - Acetyl L - cysteine, L - tyrosine, L - Theanine, Rhodiola Rosea and Ashwaganha. I get them all off Ebay. And you can get them off a site called - www.5greens.co.uk. but I just get them off ebay. It's cheap and easier.

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It’s like grieving it’s just awful I completely relate xx

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Hi i have just come across this and can completely relate. I asked my partner to move out last friday. He told me in December he was clean now and then after ignoring my gut i found out he has been using since feb almost £100 a day. Hes in such a bad place but has admitted everything and it trying to get help, i feel bad because i have kicked him out of the family home so he is even more vulnerable now. But if he stayed i would have just been continuing to enable it. I too feel like im grieving for the loving man he was, i really feel for you its heart breaking it really is. I am here for anyone who needs a chat, this forum at times has been the only place i can really let things out.

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How long was he using for? Did he tell u himself? Iv read that many stories uv lost track who said wat it so sad how many ppl are affected!

Mine I know nothing about he said he tried it first time wen I was pregnant 3 yrs ago but I only found out all this this jan he said it was occasionally but has issues none of it made sense and nothing he said was consistent! Now he’s denying it and has just disappeared angry at me for accusing?!!! I’m so angry x

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Hi louise,

I first found out before xmas last year and at this point had no idea how bad it was. He went to therapy a few times, went to drs and was on antidepressants and seemed to do well for a bit. Recently found out he managed a month and hes battled with this for 16 years!!! He was back on it in feb and apparently addicted more than ever before, using most days and using alot. Which explained everything i had been ignoring, even when id asked him he lied and lied. Last friday i had to kick him out of the family home which has killed me. Im heartbroken but hes never going to do anything about this, unless he realises. Anyway just before he went he admitted everything and spoke honestly about it all. And has since told me how sorry he is and cant believe how he has treated me. Hes so upset with himself. I just hope he can do it this time its robbed his whole life. X

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It’s awful mines chosen to ignore it and has moved on I think with one of the women he cheated with who takes it too shows no interest in the kids anymore I just can’t believe wat he’s done x

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Hi all,

Just seen these messages. I too found out December last year, and by accident. I found a wrap In his wallet. At first he said it was speed to help him perform better at work. I tested him and it was cocaine. He then said he was sorry, that he will change and that he only done it "occasionally". Then he went out for a work party and never came home. My heart sank. Call it women's intuition but I just knew as he has never stayed out before, in fact he loved his family home. He came home and said he fell a sleep at his friends after the work party and I sort of believed it but his story kept changing, so I tested him again and he was positive for cocaine.

Before I knew he cheated I got all the excuses and promises he would not cheat - he lied to my face, as well as how much he loved me etc.

Then when I challenged him he eventually admitted going home with some random women.

He was vile, he told me all the details in front of my daughter. The things he said was hurtful, then came the "I am not in love with you anymore, and been unhappy for years which was news to me. He changed completely.

Now, he doesn't really bother me my kids, and the last time I saw him which was few weeks back he refused a drug test. I'm assuming he is bang on the drugs now. But we have become nothing to him, when once we was everything. Everyone is gobsmacked at the changes in him and would never have thought he could treat us all this way.

I'm six months on and I'm still so broken. I take one day at a time but honestly I'm so upset with all that's happened and none of it makes sense. I suspect that's because I'm dealing with the addict and not him.

The things he says now are confusing. He says "I wasn't happy with anything he did" and blamed me still, but then says how hurt he is when I can't look at him.

I've lost him to cocaine and it's devastating us all.

Thanks for listening

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Sounds same as mine how it’s all u fault I turned cold on him etc duno way he’d expected wen he’d sleep all day disappeared all night “working” whilst I raised the boys with no money! Now it’s all we fell out of love we dint work iv moved on just accept it I’m not a drug addict it’s laughable etc - duno wat his excuses are with not being a father has he fell out of love with them too does his relationship with them boy work ?!! It’s just unbelievable xx

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Well that's just it it's as though he has fell out of love with the kids an all then. What crap! It's all just crap. If getting his next line is more important than his kids then he don't deserve them. It's so hard, it's been so difficult for us all.

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