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I am tired

Hi so I’m new here just basically looking for someone to talk to my other half and I have been together for 6 years now and have 3 year old little girl together long story short he has these friends who are drug abusers they come over all the time and I just found out today they have all been smoking crack inside my house and it wasn’t the first time I am fed up because I’ve explained to my partner I do not want that around our daughter he also hides things from me he loans off his friends for drugs and I have to pay it Back even though I can barely afford to because he doesn’t have money right now he was never this bad it use to be all fun and games but he depends on it and because he’s bringing into our home around our daughter I’m on the urge of leaving I do love him but this is not what I want for my daughter I’ve tried talking to him it’s always yes I’m sorry I’ll change I’ll stop I’ll do this and that it will last for a month or so then he’s back to buying drugs I’ve told his Family there’s no support his brothers encourage it says it’s nothing and I’m being over dramatic It’s normal in his family everyone does it I told my family they just tell me to leave but it’s not easy he’s a good father and I also don’t want to break my daughters heart I don’t even know what I’m asking I guess I just needed to let it out

replying to Casey

Hiya Casey hope your ok. I've got a problem with coke. But I'm doing my best to stop - I'm trying everything to stop. I'm 2 weeks free from it.

I know crack is the same as coke, but it's just a bit more addictive what I've heard. I've never had it. I wouldn't want to be around with anyone who has crack just incase they pressured me into having it. Then it is a downward spiral. Are his family mad saying 'there is nothing to it'.

After that its heroin. I've seen it so many times. My opinion is get far away as possible. If he's doing everything he can to stop it. Well give it a try. But that's entirely up to you. But having that in the house isn't good:full stop.

My gp helps me a lot and locks my phone away Friday and Saturday and my car keys - all in a safe, and I get back Sunday. As this is when I tend to use. If I was on crack and using in the house. She would kick me out the 1st time she knew. But it's up to you what you want to do.

replying to Casey

I'm of the same opinion as danman83 you need to leave. There's nothing for you in this relationship. You say he is a good dad but a good dad wouldn't bring drugs and druggies in to the home or take family money to spend on drugs not food. These druggies....I wouldn't trust them round my dog never mind my 3 year old daughter. You and your daughter are worth more than this. You have to protect her and you can't do that because he constantly puts you both at risk. Leave, before you either end up losing your daughter or something bad happens. Xx

replying to Casey

Not gp.. my gf! Lol predictive spelling

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