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Cocaine use

Is anyone there to give me some advice with cocaine?

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replying to hea0602

Well I'm same as you. But I'm 3 week clean today, and im doing my best to stop. I hate the stuff.

First are you with anyone? Kids? Work? Live on your own or partner?

And the good thing is you are now admitting you have a problem. 1st thing is you need to all dealers numbers, friends and family who use as well , come off all social media - Facebook, Insta , snap chat watts app.the lot!.

Dealers are on there and seeing people and there fake lifes makes you want to use.

No alcohol what so ever. Look up your local drug help clinic as well.

You now after all this need some new hobbies to keep your mind busy: reading,exercise, walking, decorate. Anything you want really. I've took up reading I've read a few books now and I set my self a task of learning a new word each day lol.

Another thing I do is watch and listen to cocaine recovery stories on you tube and podcast. These help alot. Buy some true stories of peoples cocaine addiction autobiography - these help alot, you might not think it but they do.

Also search on you tube - louise Clarke on crack Cocaine part 1 23. Her videos will help you a lot. And also search recovery mum. She has some great vids.

Theres a lot more but that's just for now

So delete every 1 to do with coke basically and don't even see them anymore. Then find some new hobbies and set your self some targets. Also download pocket rehab it's a great app and helps.

Feel free to ask me out.

Do you know about emotional , mental and physical relapse? And about dopamine and how it effects on you on coke?

replying to Danman83

Well done for 3 weeks!!

I live with my partner and she doesn’t use at all.

I’m normally okay with controlling myself before I take the drug, I can go a month or so at a time without using or drinking at all. The problem is when I do do it once I start I cannot stop. I’ll spend crazy amounts of money and go for 2-3 days at a time. I don’t know how people stop taking it once they are on a ‘sesh’ and was wondering if you had any advice?

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replying to hea0602

For a start you can't stop taking it when your on a sesh.

It sounds like you don't want to stop lol

It sounds like you just want advice on when you use coke - what's best to stop taking more lol.. well your up shit creak mate. Because it only stops when you have ran out of money and your dealer won't give u any lays or he is asleep. Good luck tho.

replying to Danman83

The problem is I’ll go home on my own after the sesh and carry on because I feel like I can’t stop it.

I think the realisation has hit that I do need to completely stop, every time I now go down the pub or out with the lads I tell myself I’ll only do a ticket and be home asleep by midnight but that never happens and it always leads to a roll through. I do really need to completely knock it on the head.

The reason I posted last night is I was sat in my lounge on my own doing line after line, feeling disgusted by what I was doing but not being able to stop.

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Telling yourself 'just one' never works one bit lol.

Then when its wearing off and the come down kicks In. Feeling depressed and suicidal for days ain't good at all. I know people close to me who have committed suicide from coke. Its makes you hit rock bottom.

replying to Danman83

That’s the problem isn’t it when you start coming down, or I call it the fear starts kicking in, I just have to get more and it goes on and on!! Ah mate that’s really shit sorry to hear that!! Thanks for replying, you seem like a decent bloke!!

replying to hea0602

U can have my email. Ignore the spaces it won't let u type a full email.

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