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Cocaine, gambling and debt

My husband is a cocaine addict, he has been using recreationally for about 7years but then 2 years ago he admitted it was becoming a problem. He owed money to a dealer, didn't know how to pay it off and took an overdose.

He has since been diagnosed with anxiety and depression which I believe is linked to his addiction.

Last year he joined CA but didn't want to stop drinking (I dont believe he has an issue with alcohol) so stopped attending the meetings. He joined CGL instead and was doing better, however lockdown meant he couldn't attend meetings.

On top of his addiction to cocaine I think he also has a gambling addiction. He has taken my bank cards and credit card when I was asleep and basically wiped my accounts of all the money I had. I have since opened an account where I can block my card to be used on gambling websites.

Because of this I've got into debt, I'm terrified I will lose my house as the mortgage hasn't been paid for months. He has cancelled direct debits and drew the money out for himself. He isn't working at the moment but claiming ESA.

I'm sinking and feel I cant take control of finances when he's been so devious and selfish.

Sorry for the long, long post but needed to vent at people who (I hope) will understand x

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I didnt want to read and run.

My husband is a recovering cocaine addict. He's into his 8th month clean now. But for years and years, as long as I can remember cocaine has been a problem in my marriage.

What do you want to do? You are not responsible for him. What is his current status? Is he still using?

My husband stopped drinking too, as he isnt really able to do one without the other. He doesnt have an off switch, so he did drink to get drunk, as opposed to just having one or 2.

You aren't alone xx

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