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Discuss the twin challenges of mental health and substance use

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Joined 2nd Aug 2020

Hi It's me 😊

Newly registered, seeking a safe and understanding place in cyberspace to express my frustrations.


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Sure, I will. 👍 Things aren't too bad for me at the moment but I thought I'd still register today in preparation for when things get difficult. Last week was particularly difficult but I dealt with it in my usual way and been able to keep things amiable here. 😊

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Hey BT1978 and others 😊

Can anyone tell me why people who drink always misinterprete whatever is said during a normal conversation.... Am I being naive in thinking 'they've just sat in a pub all afternoon..... probably chatting with friends. So why is it that he can never return home and chat nicely with me'? Can I really be that bad!

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Well I'm not sure what the issue you are experiencing is, but guess it's a partner who drinks?

Often it doesn't agree with people and changes them somewhat

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