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Cocaine tests positive

Hi everyone. Im hoping someone will be able to offer me some advice.

My partner has been clean from cocaine for 12 weeks for the first time in 16 years. I test him at home.

He has just got back from staying with a friend and his family for 3 days for work. I decided to test him yesterday which he has never had a problem with. There were 3 positive tests for cocaine and he got really upset saying there must be some other reason.

I daren't believe him because he had lied to me regarding drugs in the past.

But is there a reason the tests could be wrong?

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There is no other reason, especially if you did the test three times? I work with drug tests every day all day and I've heard it all before. They cannot touch a drug and then test positive, they can't be laced or any other excuse because they measure the quantity and there has to be enough in the system to measure, so it would mean more than traces consumed.

Interesting if the test was inconclusive, which could imply something iffy with the test but it was positive which indicates he has used drugs in whatever came back pos.

Maybe his upset is guilt. Sorry

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Poor you. Must have been so upsetting and disappointing!

My hubby is on week 11-12 too. I’d be gutted if he failed the test.

Fail is a fail, I wouldn’t believe any lies that were told to me. If you do then he knows the boundaries are breakable and you won’t do anything about it.

I’m really sorry for you.

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Thanks for posting. I'm sorry that you are going through this difficult time.

I work for a charity called The Icarus Trust that offers support to people dealing with a partner's addiction. If you'd like to contact us I can put you in touch with one of our trained and experienced people who you could talk with.

You can contact Icarus Trust on help@icarustrust.org or visit our website www.icarustrst.org

All the best.

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Thank you everyone. I posted this last week.

This week after the weekend, i tested him again.

There were 2 positive tests, then i did one straight after (i dont use any drugs at all) and mine was obviously negative.

Im not sure where to go from here.

He swears its the tests. And was quite angry and upset saying why would i volunteer to do them if i had used etc.

He said he was going to go and buy more tests, and didnt come back with any. And it all seems swept under the carpet now and i have no answers. I cant believe what he says because hes told too many lies to cover it up in the past.

Thanks for all your advice every one, it really helps talking to people who understand.

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Hey everyone sorry I've been inactive I lost my phone etc...

Sorry to hear he's relapsed... you went through alot I remember you posting on my post. Well straight back to basics again stamp the law down before it gets out of hand.

replying to Dot

Hi dot, I remember you as well.

I havent been on here in a while, you were doing amazing last time i was on here so i hope you are well.

He's still adamant these tests aren't right, but im in no position to believe anything he says right now.

Hes done over 12 weeks clean until these recent tests, hes having counselling 3 times a week and doing well. I just wish if he has relapsed he deals with it before it spirals

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Oh HW, my heart sank when I read your message.

In my experience, they will lie and lie unless you saw him do a line he won’t admit it. There has to be another reason yada yada.

The tests were negative, then he goes away, your gut tells you something (which is probably right) to want to test him, and he fails... no surprise there. We always JUST know.

I have no advice really other than leave it a week and test him again, you’ll know then whether it’s a blip or it’s started again.

Sending love x

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‘ He swears its the tests. And was quite angry and upset saying why would i volunteer to do them if i had used etc.’

Well if he hadn’t agreed to it then you’d have also the same conclusion right?

I’ve been here with my husband in the past xx

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Go with your gut! He has used so great him like he has used and he needs to come clean about it and not lie because it makes it worse. Tell him if he admits it you will get through it but you need his complete honesty.

I'm at day 105 myself and not tempted in the slightest. I made my choice and my lifestyle good.

You need to bring this to am abrupt end before it spirals and it will do because he will think he can lie and you will believe him. Stop it before it starts

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