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Cocaine addiction

Hi All, I’m an addict and I know it things are very different now. Always done coke since 18 now 38 never been a major issue what I classed as taking socially when I went down the pub and it’s stopped there but I had a break down about 18 month back as my business was going bust and I got addicted for best part of four month every day and sometimes all day in the end your not doing it to get high it was Just like wanting a cigarette scary place to be when you don’t see it coming. I’m over the worst but I can’t shake it off I’m still craving it every 3/4 days and it’s not social now it’s me sitting on my self which I know is very sad but it’s become the norm I even dream about it then wake up craving I don’t know what the next step is for recover. Any comments are welcome

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I just wondered if any of you guys in recovery ever tried SMART recovery UK? I read it's different from the 12 steps and doesn't refer to the higher power if someone isn't spiritual.

I wondered if i could recommend it to my son, who's tried 12 steps in ca and aa meetings?

Danman83- ive still not heard from my son yet - I still text him every evening, but no reply yet.

Hope you're doing well. Lx

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Well at least you are making the effort, that's the main thing. No but I'll give it a Google and look today thanks

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Using dreams are normal for an addict...sober grid is also a great app for support.. You should try it out..

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