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My codeine use needs to stop, will start next week! Need supporters

Thanks for this forum and the amazing people on here fighting serious battles with addiction! This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to fight. I was prescribed codeine 8 years ago and managed to quit once then fell back after nearly 2 years clean. Been on codeine again for 2 years now and I’m noticing a change in my thinking and processing ability. I’m much slower and prone to confusion and forgetfulness.

I watched an excellent series of lectures on Amazon great courses channel about the nature of addiction and how it affects the brain! It was shocking! I had no idea that addiction can weaken the function of the prefrontal cortex which is the brains centre of logic! So it becomes harder to make right choices. Along with many reasons, mostly my children, this has been a tipping point for me and I want to quit next week. Please could I have a few/any rallying supporters to just check in on me and rally me to the finish line? Would mean a lot and I hope to support someone else on here too. Thank you.

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Hi Flower,

I just want to wish you well. It sounds to me that you're ready to fight your battle!

My son is in recovery atm, over 4 months clean of alcohol and cocaine. I'm so proud of him and relieved too. When you're ready, and put your mind to it you can do it.

I'm hoping some of the other people in recovery will give you help and advice. Read Danman83, or Dot, or Jaynhissay threads, they are all people in recovery offering great advice and support.

Be strong, have faith

We're all here for each other.


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Thank you soo much Lindyloo for the support and encouragement! Really needed. I start tomorrow! A daunting thought as codeine was/is something I’ve looked forward to everyday and kept me going for years! That’s how it starts for many!

I’m going look up the stories you mentioned for inspiration. How would I find them easily? I’ll try a search in the meantime. I’m looking forward to have clarity of thought again and more focus but I’m in no doubt that there will be very hard days first!

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Good for you Flower!

Just click onto 'share your story ' there are loads of pages. You could filter out the relevant posts, similar to your own story.

Everyone here is so helpful and supportive 💓,

My son went to AA and Cocaine Anonymous meetings, but I'm sure you could join an Narcotics group, maybe someone here could advise you ?

Perhaps Jaynhissay, he posts regularly, and is doing well atm.

Take care of yourself and be proud that you're taking the first step.

Always here to chat


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Day two and I’m feeling the withdrawal symptoms, thankfully not tempted to go back as I feel strong in my conviction not to repeat the cycle. I’m also visualising my brain starting to heal with neutrons being remade and recalibrating my body.

I do feel jittery and cold at the moment. I wasn’t taking huge doses but the side effects of stopping codeine are very uncomfortable. I’m so sorry for all those on here suffering with worse side effects. Thinking of you all.

Lindyloo I’m so very happy for you that your son has overcome such a huge obstacle! It’s truly miraculous and something to celebrate. Thank you soo much for your support.

I’ve not joined any groups unfortunately as this would be quite hard for me. I’m hoping I can do this on my own with this forum for rallying support.

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Hi Flower,

Great to hear from you!

Just take each minute, each hour, each day at a time.

I know my son meditates every morning, sets him up for the day he says. Says his prayers of thankfulness. There's always his fellowship guys to support him if he's struggling.

Also your children will notice a difference too, I expect. I know you will be strong for them .

Keep posting, there will always be someone who can give you extra support or advice.

Stay strong, have faith , I know they always recite the

"Help me to accept the things I cannot change....." at meetings

Take care of you,

Sending hugs


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Thank you Lindyloo! That’s good advice! I like the idea of meditating and yes my children will notice a difference - I feel soo bad for them that I was soo caught up in codeine night after night ans groggy in the morning! Thank you again - will keep you posted.

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No worries, we're all here for each other Flower,

Take care ❤


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Hi Flower, well done,

You're doing great 👍.

I just read Dot's reply to Captain 1987, some good advice too.

Routine - get up/go to bed same time

Food - 3 meals a day, even when you're not hungry!

Exercise regularly, get outside, even if you don't feel like it.

No alcohol in case it triggers the need for something else.

He suggested multivitamins tabs/medicine, (but only if it doesn't trigger you. I guess)

I'm sorry I don't know enough about withdrawal from codeine.

Listen to podcasts, and little 10min meditations on your phone, I'm sure there will be more advice on support websites.

Stay strong Flower, it will be SO worth it in the end!

Sending hugs 🤗


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Hi Flower and everyone

I’m in the same situation here, I’ve been taking codeine for the last 5 years, nurofen plus 12 tabs a day, I’ve never spoken to anyone about this before not even my husband, I know he wouldn’t understand , so even writing this seems so strange, I have 2 beautiful boys and I’m literally no use to them while I’m on these , they turn me into a zombie everyday even at the start they were relaxing me even gave me confidence I never had , but now my health is starting to suffer , high blood pressure and high cholesterol , palpitations , I can do very little because it drains me, I hate it, so I’m going to start tomorrow , I know it’s going to be so difficult but it’s going to kill me otherwise , I just need a bit of support as well and Flower you’ve spurred me on to do this , it’s so difficult to find any proper information about codeine addiction on line so I’m glad I came across this , I hope your day is going ok

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