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Gentle Encouragement

My Boyfriend has had issues with his drinking for years and has finally decided to get professional support. I have my made phone calls and researched on his behalf but when it comes to actually talking to these people and making appointments he backs out. I know this is all very scary and I can't imagine the anxiety he must be feeling but what can I do to help him take this step?

I will not and have never forced him to do anything he is not comfortable with but I can see his drinking getting worse and worried it will get a point of no return.

How can I help him?

replying to Sapphy

Hi Sapphy.

I'm Brett. Nice to 'meet' you.

I guess I'm way further down the line with this that you are, but what I've sadly learned that until your b/f wants to get well, no amount of cajoling, begging, threatening or anything else is going to make any difference. Maybe try talking to him about yourself and your feelings? An alcoholic has a tendency to make it all about them. Tell him that you are anxious and afraid. Tell him that you miss him when he's drunk.

I don't know if this helps, and heaven knows I'm no expert.

Take care.



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