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Hi all i have a teenaged son with ADHD and smokes weed. He has always had behavioural problems, anxiety and low self esteem, he also has learning difficulties which we thought were a form of dyslexia. His anxiety was put down to the fact that i have an incurable brain disease, and for most of his early life, he saw me suffering and going in and out of hospital. Its wasn't until he hit puberty that and was permanently excluded from his mainstream school due to violent outbursts, that i finally got the diagnosis that i had been trying to get for years.

By the time he started high school and hit puberty, his behaviour got worse. His anxiety was through the roof as he was put into a large high school with 2000 pupils and he just couldn't cope. One psychologist said that it "must of been a living hell for him". He now goes to a smaller school which has more help for kids with challenging behaviour and learning difficulties. He was only diagnosed in November and is now on ADHD medication, but prior to this, his friend gave him cannabis and it "made all the worry and anxiety go away". This is when the problems started

It was awful seeing him in such pain (mentally) and he wasn't sleeping, he was jumpy and depressed all the time and he felt the cannabis helped.

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