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Cocaine and partner dissapearing

Hi all,

I'm really feeling low at the moment, can't seem to stop crying. My partner of 7 years has been addicted to cocaine for years and has recently started to inject it. He disappeared last Monday evening and returned back home Wednesday evening. He then slept ate and then I picked hes wages up for him and then he left the house 11am Thursday morning. Havnt heard anything since as he has no phone and don't have a clue if he is OK or where he is. Just hope he returns tonight as sad as that sounds just so I can have peace of mind.

Does anyone's partners dissappear for days?? Feel alone. X

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Hi lovely!

Mine disappeared 4 weeks ago and hasn’t returned! So I know your pain :( it’s horrible, saw him in a car yesterday with his drug dealer mate so would rather do that than come and talk about things, it’s the most evil horrible drug known to man, I could scream most days at the fact we as loved ones will always come last, all I can offer is a supportive ear and say keep talking to people on here, I don’t know much about injecting the horrible stuff, but I do know it makes them make bad decisions and not see things clearly! I hope he comes home to you and he explains things to you, if you have been on here before Danman gives great advice from both sides! He is great to talk too xx

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Thankyou for your reply,

I physically feel sick because I have had no sleep, I have a migrane from hell and just feel so bad.

Just don't know whats going on, wether he is staying away because he owes dealers money or something. Just want him to come back and we can talk about it.

Is this the longest your husband has been gone? Where does he stay? Xx

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No problem huni, no he went for 2 months, we are not married but could see it heading that way, he usually goes back to him mums or friends he just hides away and does it when nobody is around to see him do it, he owes thousands out and then tries to deal it to get out of debt and that doesn’t work of course then he runs away when things get tough, I’m a fairly laid back person never shouted or screamed at him never told him to not do it because I have been told it doesn’t work, he said I made him want to be a better person but then he let me down on my birthday and went dealing instead so I lost my temper and shouted, he hasn’t been back since. He goes to ground shuts off everything, all communication gone. He will be back lovely but you have to be prepared for what he might say, he has to hit rock bottom and that will be painful. Where does your hubby go? Have you asked him? Xx

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I'm so sorry to read your story. It must be really hard for you not knowing where your husband is and I'm sorry you're feeling so alone.

if you think it would help please contact us at Icarus Trust as we are a charity offering support to families dealing with addiction. we know this is really hard for you. One of our trained and experienced people would speak to you if you get in touch. maybe talking would help you.

You can contact Icarus Trust on help@icarustrust.org or visit our website www.icarustrust.org

All the best.

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