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Any advice

Hello everyone.

I didn't get many replies from my first post .but I would please like some opinions. I have been with my partner for 15 years on and off due to his addiction crack that he injects.

I recently sent him packing as our 3 children are suffering and my mental state is not the best. I'm really struggling with his addiction the

lies_ betrayal _abuse_

He does absolutely nothing for this family financially. And is not working we have lost almost everything.

I have no family and have lost most of my friends. And the few friends I have I'm to ashamed to talk about my problems. Im wondering if anyone out there has advice on what I can do to pull through this dark hole I'm in. I would like to hear from other people and any success they have had. What will help me try distance my self from my x partner. I tend to feel sorry for him and make excuses for his poor choices and I really just want out but I'm scared my depression may just pull me back in... has any else been in this situation What can I do to help me escape this round about life ??????????????????

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Hello, I hope your ok...

I have split with my partner of 7 years due to hes cocaine addiction he also injects. It completely ruined our relationship, for someone that started off as a really nice person soon turnt in to someone I don't even know. I put up with it and made excuses for hes behaviour and tried to hide hes addiction because I was to shamed to tell people.

But all this was doing for me was bringing me down day in day out. We have a 5 year old son together and it was so unhealthy for it to go on. He was lacking responsibility he was unstable and he just wasn't being the partner or father that he should have been.

He dissapeared last Monday, he then returned on the Wednesday evening came in, ate food, slept asked me to pick up hes last wages as he had lost both hes jobs. And then on the Thursday morning he dissaperead again and havnt seen or spoken since, he also has no phone. I have made the decision today to not have him in mine or my sons life anymore as it just wasn't doing any of us no good. I have packed hes things and taken them to hes mums and I am getting my front door locks changed tonight. Yes I feel sad and I'm sure I will have many sad days, but at the end of it I hope for a better future for me and my son.

It is hard to break the cycle but sometimes enough is enough. He wasn't helping me financially or anything , he was basically abusing my kindness and using me and my house like a doss house. Xx

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Hi Any advice

I have literally just posted. Then saw yours.

I really feel for you. I've been dealing with my husbands cocaine addiction for 10 years.

Addiction makes the addict selfish. You can not fix him, he has to help himself.

You are enabling him, by living his cocaine circle of life. We all do it in hope of recovery, change, success.

It's affecting your mental health. It's so hard to let go. I'm still very much stuck in my roundabout!

You need to put you first. It's taken 10 years for me to learn this.

I've been reading lots of successful cocaine recovery stories from addicts, but not many from affected partners or families.

We can both hope. Stay safe xx

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