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Partner 18 days clean from coke


Just wanted to write on here as I come on here quite often reading others stories,

I kicked my partner out after 8 years of being together due to hes very big cocaine addiction, I had had enough of the lies, the secrets, the dissapaearing, and him just never being there for me.

I had tried everything possible to try and help him, but nothing got through to him and he would continue to disrespect me infront of our son and treat me disgustingly.

So when he dissapeared for over a week I decided enough is enough, as I had spend days worried wether he was dead or not as he had started injecting cocaine on a regular.

I had my locks changed and bagged all of hes things up and took them to hes mums, I took some time off work to sort my head out, and then one day there was a knock on my door, (this was after about the 8th day of being missing) it was him he was a mess and thought I was going to let him in!!

I sent him away to hes mums and said I am done.

Moving forward to now he is living at hes mums and he is doing regular CA meetings, some face to face and some via zoom. He is getting alot from these, he has been to see hes doctor and he has put him back on anti depressants to try and get hes moods on a normal level.

He has been clean for 18 days. I know it is very early days but it's a start and he is looking in the right direction.

I have made it very clear to him that I will never ever tolerate that sort of behaviour or disrespect in my life again. Xx

replying to Drained and tired

Hi D&T

So pleased to hear that you took a stand and that your partner is seeking support and on the road to recovery.

I wish you both well.

Take care and stay strong


replying to Drained and tired

Hi Drained and tired.

I'm sure all your hard work will pay off. We'll done for taking a stand.

We shouldn't have to tolerate there bad behaviour little own the effects of a substance they choose too take.

I wish you all the best x

My x partner is still in denial. Even being locked up in jail hasn't made him think clearly.

Also I get the sense his family are distancing me and feeling such pitty for him.. its so sad as they know I have nobody, there son made this choice and has for many years . I do believe taking a stand can stear them in a better direction if they want it.

But most of all you have respect and boundaries for your self and the future. X

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