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replying to Notmyrealname

Hello, I hope you are well! Here's an update:

1. She asked me what getting help would be like. Meaning how do they help people during withdrawal from medication. She brought it up out of the blue. I think that's a positive step, even though it does not necessarily mean she's ready to get help. It's better than nothing.

2. She also mentioned either seeing her doctor or trying to get a new one. She wants to see if she can get a zoom appointment. A zoom appointment would be nice because she is less likely to miss it. I'm going to make sure she makes an appointment, and ill encourage her to attend the meeting.

Thank you for allowing me to vent. I honestly found it helpful. I thought I'd be venting into a void.

replying to thisdevotedheart

Hi that does sound positive that she’s willing to even talk about getting some help. I imagine it will be a slow process but if she’s taking an interest in it then at least you would be able to try to work with her and not behind her back which you were concerned about.

Did you have any with trying to see the doctor? It does sound like the zoom call would be better suited than having to go face to face.

Of course It’s good to let it all out as sometimes it does feel very lonely when you’re trying so hard to support someone and it doesn’t always feel like there is any progress. I think it helps to talk though as we aren’t really ever alone there are so many other people going through this.

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