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Addicts who become dealers

I’ve been very public about my story, or rather sharing my partners story and the impact my partners lifelong crack use has had on our relationship.

My partner has since become an addict who deals on behalf of a dealer to get the drugs he wants, this is a direct result of his inability to fund his addiction himself, since covid meant massive loss of income for him, he’s been unable to work and is now on benefits.

This situation has exposed an area of dealing I haven’t been aware of before. My partner is now a dealer, taking calls, making orders, dropping off to other addicts. His dealer comes once a day to drop off ‘stock’, pick up money and give my partner the crack he wants to get through the day. I can’t sit by and whiteness this without raising awareness to it, even if nothing positive comes of it.

The dealer isn’t a user himself (I haven’t come across many who are). I’m sure these ‘non-using’ dealers are the ones being targeted by crime prevention schemes, but what about the lower-level addict dealers like my partner? The vulnerable addicts who deal to use.

Sure my partner has been a lifelong user, he was finally moving past it all though, he was focusing on more positive non-drug associated things, life was getting good for us. Now he’s been sucked back in deeper than before, the control he did have has been forced out of him because of covid.

I would like to be able to report a phone number being used in drug activity, have it disconnected, break the connection, make drugs less accessible. Does anything like this exist?

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