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Day 2 - Taper

Hey all, just putting my name out there as I'm noticing a few of the same names popping up here and there so looks like a good little support bubble.

I'm currently on day 2 of a taper, I was planning on 90mg twice a day (morning / evening) but ended up taking an extra 90mg last night, I guess its about finding the right balance.

Normal doses would be anywhere from 500mg - 600mg codeine a day.

Doing okay today although my mind is on it constantly, had 90mg at around 8:30am, having cravings for more but I want to hold out until at least after 2pm, normally I would have some just before lunch so the buzz would be more but holding out.

Current symptoms really are minor, aches and pains in my back and arms, VERY similar to having a cold coming on, runny nose and a very slight headache.

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Hello chris , well done you . Do you have headfog and sore ears as sensitive to noise ? Im on day 3 of cold turkey

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Hey Eva - What is "headfrog"? :) Sore ears, ermmmm I dont think so, although now you have said that sound does sound is more sensitive, like I noticed the birds tweeting earlier and Im picking up on more distant sounds, most likely because Im not as out of it.

Cold turkey, wow, that is incredible, I'm not that brave Im affraid, and dont think I could function, every credit to you for that!

Ive battled addiction before, crack cocaine, a long time ago, so I have the mental power, although it never gets any easier, its good to have a place to come to for moral support though :)

How are you feeling today?

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Sorry Eva just realised you put head "fog" not "frog" lol, that made me smile, I was picturing a person with eyes wide open just sat there :)

Bit of head "fog" but I thought I would come on here and try help others too, feels a little harder today, kind of crazy how even just cutting down has its effects!

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Thank you chris lol at head frog , no im suffering with feeling detatched not able to concentrate on tv etc , i commend you for your mental strenght i feel like a basket case and im scared if honest no use in lying . I have never had withdrawls before . And im getting conflicting advice too which is scaring me .

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Yeah its weird how your brain works, I've been on codeine for around 4 - 5 years, gradually getting more and more to the point now its getting to much both financially and health wise, not to mention day to day life.

Yesterday was okay as I kept busy, felt it more on the evening hence having a pick me up but Im trying to keep to a 90mg cap, I dont think my body or mind could take just stopping especially with the years Ive been taking it and the quantity.

I'm feeling quite proud of myself, even though it is only a day and a half which is keeping me motivated, I dare say that will change as time goes on but I'm willing and determined to try and thats the main thing.

Really cold at the moment and as I said before symptoms of having a cold - I think everyone is different and there circumstances etc so I think thats why there is so much conflicting info out there.

I think its just a case of taking each day as it comes and seeing it as a new challenge each day until it starts easing.

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You should feel proud of yourself , And every day at a time is a step closer , ive been told a week for it to be over , them a month , its getting me down as my mental health struggling . Im freezing hands and feet and need a coat on in the sun ,the withdrawls are mental id not want to go through this again its worse than childbirth .x

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Stick with it Eva, you've done so well so far, I can't relate to childbirth but I can relate to the cold and Im tapering so can only imagine how you are, I'm very admirable of you.

As you say the withdrawals are insane, how your body reacts to essentially a chemical change. Ive just been in the bath to try and warm up and now Im under a blanket on the sofa.

Keep up the brilliant work, its good to know there is someone out there going through the same, you're not on your own.

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Thank you for the kind words chris , lol you should try childbirth ....i hope you feel warmer from bath and stay warm its freezing outside ...brrr.im going to try my hardest to stick with it , gp hasgiven me 5mg of oxycodone to taper if i cant continue cold turkey ... im hoping today was worst i feel and tomorrow is a bit better. Your right its good to know your not alone it helps ...strenght in numbers so they say x

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Morning Eva just checking in, hope youre okay? How are you feeling today?

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