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4 months clean from cocaine today🌞

I just want to share a bit gratitude to people on this forum. Especially a certain few who have helped me in my recovery. I could not of got this far without everyone's personal battles on here it really does help in recovery listening to peoples stories.

Now how I did it and still doing it for the people struggling or with family members struggling.

I've been addicted to coke for 12 years, I Mostly used on my own. I have a gf and kids. A good job. For say the last 7 years I'd say its gone worse and worse. At 1st I only used when drunk, but then it went to were I did not need alcohol.

I tried everything to quit, new routine, reading, listening to addiction stories, hypnotist, councilling. The last 2 didn't really help. The 4 before do help but only for so long. I had a couple of rock bottoms ect.

My last rock bottom was boxing day, and I just felt suicidal for days. And I did what I always said I would never do.. I joined cocaine anonymous. The thought of talking in meetings ect put me off.

But its the best thing I have ever done, I go on a meeting each day, I connect to other members each day, I pray and meditate each day to get my guard up. Plz don't be put off by the god aspect of it all, you can have any higher power u want. Mine is the universe. Every morning I get on my knees and pray. If it helps who is to say its embarrassing?? I have my family back. That's the main thing. I'm working the 12 steps and I finish my steps this work. Then I can sponsor other addicts.

Now for someone to quit they have to 100% want to quit for them self's, you can't not force them, this will not work. They need to delete all dealers num, friends and family who use as well, come off social media. If you are not addicted to alcohol, u have to quit alcohol altogether, this is a big trigger. Take up new hobbies and eat healthy, come up with some goals. And join CA anonymous, don't be put off by it, you will se rewards at the end I promise you. I feel so much happier now.

I'm sorry if I have missed anything out. Feel free to ask me anything.

And again thank you to people on here who have helped me in my recovery, I could not of done this with out you, ❤️🌞💪

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Congratulations 👏 Dan!

I'm so pleased for you - 4 months - that's fantastic, you should be very, very proud of yourself.

I admire you and the way you are helping others here on this forum. I'm sure the others who have chatted to you , will agree when I say you have been great support to all - whether as a person with addictions or family of one who has addiction.

Virtual handshakes and hugs to you 🤗

Keep on doin what your doing


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Thank you so much❤️ the same goes to you, you have helped me a lot, a problem shared is a problem halved and we need to keep on sharing.

Virtual hugs to you as well lol 🙌

Thank you 🙏x

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Well done you !! You stuck with it and the benefit shows in your gratitude . X

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Absolutely amazing achievement, so admirable and inspirational for so many others ☀️ Thank you for sharing your story and for helping me out on here too! So proud of you!! 💪🏼🙌🏼🥳

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Fantastic news.

I have been at some degree exactly where you are, and on the more technical side, when you hit that 4 month stage - your neural pathways in the brain really can repair themselves.

Take comfort in knowing the hardest part is over.

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Congrats! I found this site via Google and have read quite a few of your responses as I looked for help in my own situation and thank you for what you’ve shared. You got this and keep going!!!!

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