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I need advice !! New to this

Hi all, I've recently separated from my partner of 20 years because of drugs...we lost my father in law suddenly last year and since that hes been on downward spiral..since Jan it's been the worse 2000+ a month . .otherwise people will hurt him ?? . He works hard and is a great father to our children ..its like these people have a hold over him..I've took his phone off him now so no one can contact him..he says he wants help . I struggle with what's real and fake there is no trust he hasn't supported me or our children(financially)in 5 months (which is not like him) I just dont know what to do anymore

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I'm sorry to hear this @Laura2411. Is it coke? I divorced my husband last year. He had hidden debts and had hidden using for several years after initially disclosing that he was an addict some years before. In my experience, you need to protect yourself especially financially, and cut him loose if you can. That will be his best chance of recovery, although he may have to hit several rock bottoms before he gets to that point. My other advice would be not to keep his secrets. That will not be good for you all, or for him.

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Hi Laura,

Thanks for sharing your story. I'm sorry that your husband's drugs habit has been so difficult for you and that you are struggling to cope with the situation.

I work for a charity called Icarus Trust. We offer support to people in your situation who are having to deal with addiction in the family. If you contact us I would put you in touch with one of our family Friends. they are our trained and experienced people who you could talk with and maybe that will help you to know what to do next. They will also be able to tell you what other help is available.

You can contact Icarus Trust on help@icarustrust.org or visit our website www.icarustrust.org

Good luck with everything.

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Yes is it cocaine..he says he doesn't want to do it drs have been involved and

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Now referred to turning point...i dont understand how you can in so much debt I want to help but he has to help himself before I can help him I'm.just so angry all the time with him...

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