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Is this an addiction?

Can someone please advise me. I have been taking cocaine every weekend on a Friday and a Saturday or one of the other every weekend on my own for the past couple of months, it seems to have turned into a routine but I’m not sure if this is an addiction as I know I can’t do it in the week as I wouldn’t be able to do my job but when it gets to the weekend I have the urge to do it. Can someone please advise me.

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Hi, If you can't go without it every weekend, then it's an addiction. Addiction creeps on you little by little, and it can turn into something bigger. Try going without it for one weekend and if it works, go for a second and so on.

There's one thing I realized when I got rid of my addictions is that quitting is not the hard part. Not relapsing is the hard part. I know it looks like there's no difference between the two, but trust me, there is.

There is one way to get rid of an addiction, and I tell everyone who comes to me for help the same thing. Quit! Stop! That's it. Of course, that's the big picture. There are some things to take into consideration and a little more to it, but I will not get into details here.

When you get the urge to do some cocaine, you need to talk to someone who walked in your shoes, someone who got rid of his addiction and knows what you're going through. You need support.

Many people relapse because they don't have someone who understands them. Most of the time, talking about your urges and how you feel about them is all it takes for your urges to pass. Now don't get me wrong, when you're in the withdrawal stage, it's a little more complicated, but thats not what I'm talking about here.

Of course, there's a deeper cause that makes you consume cocaine, and as soon as you know the exact reason why you do it, you'll be able to get rid of your addiction with less resistance.

On a personal basis and in my own opinion, it's a problem when you take drugs by yourself. You might want to talk to someone about it and try to find out what made you start using cocaine in the first place. That's one of the hard parts, but you need to look into it.

Some people think that taking cocaine once in a while or on weekends is not a problem. But take it from me, that's precisely how I started, and I became an alcoholic with an uncontrollable cocaine addiction for more than 20 years.

I hope it helps, and I wish you the best.

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