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Stonewalling partner in recovery

My partner has been in recovery since July 2020. We gave the relationship another chance after rehab. I believe him to be sober this time and I can see ways he’s worked on turning his life around. Our relationship has recently taken a downhill pattern though. He stonewalls me in conflict and refuses to acknowledge my emotions if I am upset about anything. He’ll decide what I’m feeling and choose that my feelings are unfounded or unnecessary, therefore not worth his acknowledgment. It’s so hurtful. Small issues will blow up because I’ll start to see his behaviour more than I’ll stick to my original point. It’s so draining. I don’t know what I can do. Nothing seems to get resolved anymore :(

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It sounds like your relationship might be emotionally abusive. Do you see a future with this man? If you pictured your ideal relationship, what would it look like?

You are allowed to leave a relationship for any reason and you have more than enough reason to bail out of this. I know it can feel like abandoning someone when they have an addiction, but you have to put yourself first. You don't owe him your time or your mental health.

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